Bibliotheek: Nieuwe aanwinsten - januari-februari 2010

Typeface as program : Applied Research and Development in Typography / edited by Francois Rappo ; text Peter Bilak, Pierre Keller, Erik Spiekermann [ al.]. - Lausanne : ECAL / University of art and design Lausanne, 2009. - 180 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
The project began with a simple question of curves: is there such thing as a computer program capable of taking over the routine taska of letter design? This issue, both artistic and digital, led us to imagine exchanges back and forth between digital type specifictions and the actual shape of letters.

Modern typography in Britain : graphic design, politics, and society / editor Paul Stiff ; text Stuart Hall, Robin Kinross, David Lambert. - London : Hyphen Press, 2009. - 216 p. : ills. ; 30 cm. - (Typography papers 8)
Includes index.
Typography papers is edited, designed, and prepared for press in the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading. Much of the work in this volume was supported by 'The optimism of modernity: recovering modern reasoning in British typography', a research project conducted at the university of Reading.

Iaspis Forum on Design and Critical Practice : The Reader / edited by Magnus Ericson [ al.] ; texts Experimental Jetset, Metahaven, Dexter Sinister [ al.]. - Stockholm ; New York : Iaspis : Sternberg Press, 2009. - 448 p. : ills. ; 21 cm
The Iaspis Forum On Design And Critical Practice has comprised an exhibition, an international seminar and now a publication on investigative, speculative and critically oriented design.The Reader is based on four conversations between graphic designers about various aspects of design relating to their practices.

Portable Document Format / Dexter Sinister. - New York : Lukas & Sternberg, 2009. - 200 p. : ills. ; 18 cm
'Potable Document Format' is the inaugural publication of the Serving Library, an institution of Infinite Hospitality currently being assembled by Dexter Sinister. The first part of the book comprises thirteen texts which circulate around The Library. The second part of the book comprises reproductions of a series of ten images, collectively titled 'W.A.S.T.E. Proof Prints', along with their accompanying extended captions.

Aby Warburg : Der Bilderatlas MNEMOSYNE / hrsg. Martin Warnke unter mitarbeit von Claudia Brink. - Dritte Auflage. - Berlin : Akademie Verlag, 2008. - 140 p. : ills. ; 30 cm
Mit Register.
Der Bilderatlas ist eine Zusammenstellung von etwa 2000 Bildern aus Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte in etwa sechzig Tafeln, mit denen Warburg sein Lebenswerk zusammenfassen und krönen wollte. Die Erarbeitung hat die letzten Jahre seines Lebens in Anspruch genommen, ist jedoch bei seinem Tode Fragment geblieben. Die Edition in der Studienausgabe möchte nicht, wie es geschehen ist, mit eigener Phantasie und Assoziation das Werk und die Bildtafeln um allerlei Texte ergänzen, sondern gibt das gewaltige Fragment in der Form wieder, in der Warburg es hinterlassen hat.

Street Seen : The Psychological Gesture in American Photography, 1940-1959 / Lisa Hostetler. - Milwaukee ; New York : Milwaukee Art Museum : DelMonico Books, 2010. - 208 p. : ills. ; 32 cm
Includes bibliographical references.
This catalogue has been published on the occasion of the exhibition 'Street Seen: The Psychological Gesture in American Photography, 1940-1959', organized and presented by the Milwaukee Art Museum, from January 30 to April 25, 2010. Curator Lisa Hostetler.

Radical Games : Popping the Bubble of 1960s' Architecture / author Lara Schrijver. - Rotterdam : NAi Publishers, 2009. - 248 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references.
This book explores three radical critiques of modernist architecture throughout the work of the Situationst International, Venturi and Scott Brown, and Archigram. At the same time, however,  their dreams were so entwined with the modern project that they have created an untenable position for the contemporary architecture debate.

Architecture Without Place 1968-2008 : Unbuilt Visionary Ephemeral Architectures & Installations / edited by Ramon Faura Coll, Santi Ibarra, Antonio Pizza. - Barcelona : Col-legi d' Arquitectes de Catalunya, 2009. - 287 p. : ills. ; 24 cm + DVD
Catalogue of the exhibition 'Architectures Without Place' at Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona, 25 June - 20 September, 2009.
Jordi Colomer, Gordon Matta-Clark, Taller d' Arquitectura (R. Bofill) [ al.]

Container Architecture : This book contains 6441 containers / author Jure Kotnik. - Barcelona : LINKS International, 2009. - 255 p. : ills. ; 22 cm
Conceptual projects started drawing attention to container architecture and showed that the steel box could be used for other purposes apart from transport. Now the range of container housing is wide and spans from small-size retreat cabins to container villas and large appartment buildings. Even public buildings can be made with containers, and it is a pity that some of them are of an only temporary nature.
Luc Deleu, Adam Kalkin, Shigeru Ban [ al.]

Utopics Systems and Landmarks / editor Simon Lamunière ; contributors Fabienne Bideaud, Chris Sharp, Betty Stocker [ al.]. - Zürich : JRP Ringier, 2009. - 154 p. : ills. ; 23 cm
Concieved as a glossary, this publication examines the spaces, nations and communities created by artists or individuals to develop alternative modes of living. All the proposals gathered here are simultaneously real and utopic, they challenge our definitions of normalcy and territoriality.
Atelier van Lieshout, Claire Fontaine, Timothy Leary [ al.]

Die Architektur der Abwesenheit : Über die Kunst, eine Ruine zu bauen / Kai Vöckler. - Berlin : Parthas Verlag, 2009. - 108 p. : ills. ; 19 cm
Mit Kurzbiografien.
Die Zukunft jedes Baus ist seine Ruine. Warum also nicht gleich eine solche planen, malen oder bauen? Der Stadtforscher Kai Vöckler stellt unterschiedlichste Werke von Architekten, und Künstler vor, die die Abwesenheit in der Architektur thematisieren.
Robert Smithson, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Michael Heizer, Gordon Matta-Clark, Archigram [ al.]

Dwelling and Architecture : From Heidegger to Koolhaas / author Pavlos Lefas. - Berlin : jovis Verlag, 2009. - 176 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references.
This book explores the influence of Martin Heidegger's concept of dwelling. Focused on the substantial differences of the philosopher's first-person approach to Le Corbusier's positivism, it goes on to draw on the views of the "other modern". It traces Heidegger's thoughts into the current debate on architecture generated by modern-day architects and thinkers such as Aaron Betsky and Rem Koolhaas.

Cor Jaring / preface by Job Cohen ; introduction by Hedy d' Ancona. - Amsterdam : Nieuw Amsterdam , 2009. - 256 p. : ills. ; 36 cm
Cor Jaring took part in shaping the sixties in Amsterdam, not just by using his camera, but also as a participant. He co-founded the Provo movement, and squatted at Ruigoord. He gained international recognition as the photographer of the happenings by Robert Jasper Grootveld, of Bart Huges drilling a hole into his forehaed, and of the smokebomb incident at the marriage of princess Beatrix to Claus von Amsberg in 1966.

Wallace Berman : Photographs / edited and with essays by Kristine McKennea and Lorraine Wild. - Santa Monica, Calif. : The Rose Gallery, 2007. - 152 p. : ills. ; 26 cm
These photographs by Wallace Berman were shot in California between the years 1950 and 1976, and they chronicle the American underground as it evolved from the beat culture of the 1950s through the social revolution of the 1960s.

Henri Cartier-Bresson : à propos de Paris / texts by Vera Feyder, André Pieyre de Mandiargues. - London : Thames and Hudson, 2009. - reprint from 1997. - 167 p. : ills. ; 26 cm
Written for the exhibition 'Paris à vue d' oeil'.

Wegkijken : Een selectie uit het Spaarnestad Fotoarchief / Tijs Goldschmidt. - Amsterdam : Athenaeum - Polak & Van Gennep, 2004. - 72 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
Geïnspireerd door een uitspraak van de psychiater Louis Tas, maakt Tijs Goldschmidt een selctie van ruim zestig foto's uit het Spaarnestad Fotoarchief waarin de emotie schaamte centraal staat.

Situation / edited by Claire Doherty ; text Guy Debord, Hal Foster, Mary Jane Jacob [ al.]. - London ; Cambridge, Mass. : Whitechapel Gallery : The MIT Press, 2009. - 240 . : ills. ; 21 cm. - (Documents of Contemporary Art)
Includes bibliographical references and index.
This anthology traces the evolution of Situation from the 1960s emergence of site-specific art to its divergent implications in the global era. Among the topics surveyed are the limits of site; the role of the artist as ethnographer or fieldworker; the relation between action and public space ; and the crucial role of the curator in new situation-specific art.
Alan Kaprow, Vito Acconci, Bik Van der Pol [ al.]

Urban Foxes / Stephen Harris and Phil Baker ; with illustrations by Guy Troughton. - first published in 1986, this new edition was first published in 2001. - Linton, Cambs. : Whittet Books, 2009. - 152 p. : ills. ; 22 cm. - (British Natural History Series)
Includes index.
Urban foxes are now a well estblished part of town life. This book dispels many urban myths: that foxes will kill cats, or that they will mate with your dog etc.

Simon Dybbroe Moller : Black white gray cyan magenta yellow / edited by Udo Kittelmann ; text Lars Bang Larsen. - Köln : Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2009. - 64 p. : ills. ; 18 cm. - Deutsch / English
This publication is not an exhibition catalogue, but rather a book concieved by the artist. It is centered around Dybbroe Moller's work 'Black, White and Gray (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow)' from 2006, which was shown as part of the exhibition 'Das Kapital. Blue Chips & Masterpieces' at the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt am Main, from April 20 to August 26, 2007.

Gedi Sibony / editor Giovanni Carmine. - Zürich : JRP | Ringier, 2009. - 64 p. : ills. ; 29 cm
Includes biography and bibliography.
This book was published on the occasion of the exhibitions 'Gedi Sibony - If Surrounded by Foxes' and 'Gedi Sibony - My Arms Are Tied Behind My Other Arms' , at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, FRAC Champagne-Ardenne and Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis. 2007-2009.

Marleen Sleeuwits : De transparantie van schijn = The transparency of appearance / tekst Mischa Andriessen. - Den Haag : Stroom Den Haag, 2010. - 24 p. : ills. ; 24 cm. - Nederlands / English
Bevat biografie van de kunstenaar.
Publicatie in het kader van de Stroom Premium, een sterk geprofileerde subsidie voor individuele kunstenaars op basis van hun actuele werk en de betekenins van de kunstenaar voor het Haags kunstklimaat.

gerlach en koop ; cht uu / tekst Marc Kremer. - Den Haag : Stroom Den Haag, 2010. - 24 p. : ills. ; 24 cm. - Nederlands / English
Bevat biografie van de kunstenaar.
Publicatie in het kader van de Stroom Premium, een sterk geprofileerde subsidie voor individuele kunstenaars op basis van hun actuele werk en de betekenins van de kunstenaar voor het Haags kunstklimaat.

Zeger Reyers : Let it grow / tekst Radek Vána. - Den Haag : Stroom Den Haag, 2010. - 24 p. : ills. ; 24 cm. - Nederlands / English
Bevat biografie van de kunstenaar.
Publicatie in het kader van de Stroom Premium, een sterk geprofileerde subsidie voor individuele kunstenaars op basis van hun actuele werk en de betekenins van de kunstenaar voor het Haags kunstklimaat.

Rachel Bacon : Float / tekst Tanja Elstgeest. - Den Haag : Stroom Den Haag, 2010. - 24 p. : ills. ; 24 cm. - Nederlands / English
Bevat biografie van de kunstenaar.
Publicatie in het kader van de Stroom Premium, een sterk geprofileerde subsidie voor individuele kunstenaars op basis van hun actuele werk en de betekenins van de kunstenaar voor het Haags kunstklimaat.

Type EW58/08 : Een eenvoudig huisje in Almere / Ton Matton. - Rotterdam : post editions, 2010. - 160 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
Ton Matton laat met de herbouw van de voormalige zelfbouwwoning EW58/08 uir de DDR in Almere zien dat wat vroeger waardevol en goed was, vandaag de dag opnieuw kan worden ingezet. Van oudsher gingen wonen en zelfvoorziening samen. Het moestuintje, een varken bij huis voor eigen gebruik en een houtopslag voor warmte.

BC AD : Benthem Crouwel 1979-2009
/ samenstelling en redactie Benthem Crouwel Architekten, Kristen Schipper ; met bijdragen van John Körmeling, Hans Oldewarris, Johannes Schwartz [ al.]. - Rotterdam : Uitgeverij 010 , 2009. - 512 p. : ills. ; 28 cm
Bevat index van projecten.
Luchthaven Schiphol, het Anne Frank Huis, de uitbreiding van het Stedelijk Museum, de Malietoren - het zijn bekende bouwwerken van Benthen Crouwel Architekten. Publieke gebouwen op cruciale, beeldbepalend plekken waar veel mensen samenkomen. Dit boek van dertig jaar ontwerpen samen en geeft daarmee tegelijkertijd een beeld van de Nederlandse ontwerpcultuur.
Roy Villevoye, Marijke van Warmerdam, Edwin Zwakman [ al.]

Villa Tugendhat / editor Jitka Vitaskova ; text Dagmar Cernouskova [ al.]. - Brno : Foundation Fund of Tugendhat Villa : Brno City Museum, 2009. - 40 p. : ills. ; 21 cm
Includes bibliographical references.
The German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed the Villa in the year 1928 for the Brno couple Greta and Fritz Tugendhat, it being a large-scale family house which established a new standard for modern living.

Brno Art Open '09 : Sculptures in the streets / editor Marika Kupkova ; text Roman Onderka
[ al.]. - Brno : Dum umeni mesta Brna = The Brno House of Arts, 2009. - 76 p. : ills. ; 28 cm

Formaty Transformance = Formats on Transformation 89-09 : Seven views on the new czech and slovak identity / editor Frantisek Kowolowski ; text Rostislav Korycanek [ al.]. - Brno : Dum Umeni mesta Brna = Brno House of the Arts, 2009. - 268 p. : ills. ; 21 cm
Includes biographies.
Catalogue for the exhibition at Brno House of Arts, November 17, 2009- January 17, 2010.

The transformer : principles of making Isotype charts / Marie Neurath & Robin Kinross. - London : Hyphen Press, 2009. - 126 p. : ills. ; 21 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
The visual work of Otto Neurath and his assiociates, now commonly known as Isotype, has been much discussed in recent years. This book is a compact presentation of its essential principles: The work of 'transforming', or putting information into visual form. At the core of this book is a previously unpublished essay by Marie Neurath, which she wrote in 1986.

Nieuw licht op een 'paleisrevolutie' : Joop Beljon tegen Paul Schuitema met Jan van Keulen in de coulissen / auteur Jaap Lieverse ; tekst B. Majorick, Paul Schuitema. - Amsterdam : in eien beheer, 2009. - 24 p. : 19 cm
Publicatie over de openbare strijd voor een nieuw onderwijsklimaat op de Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten in Den Haag tussen 1957 en 1967.

Phantom City : a photo novel / concept, photography and text Kim Bouvy. - Den Bosch : Uitgeverij Pels & Kemper, 2010. - 274 p. : ills. ; 19 cm
Outside the city has ceased to exist. From the dusky non-space with no night or day, I shall attempt to constantly reconstruct my city out of ever less clearly defined memories.
'Phantom City' is published parallel to the group exhibitions 'Quick Scan' at the Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam, 16.01-25.5.2010, and 'NowHere' at Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam, 22.01-12.02.2010.

Architectuur en Alfabet / concept Fons Verheijen ; teksten Carien Akkermans [ al.]. - Leiden : Stichting Rijnlands Architectuurplatform, 2009. - 144 p. : ills. ; 22 cm

Toby Paterson : Consensus and Collapse / text Fiona Bradley, Simon Sadler ; conversation Toby Paterson and Ewan Imrie. - Edinburgh : The Fruitmarket Gallery, 2010. - 150 p. : ills. ; 22 cm
Published on the occasion of the exhibition ; Toby Paterson: Consensus and Collapse', at The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, 30 January-28 March, 2010.

Rob Voerman : Aftermath : Installations, Sculptures, Works on Paper / text Sabine Folie, David van Leer, Tim Nolet, Rob Voerman. - Amsterdam : Valiz, 2010. - 160 p. : ills. ; 29 cm. - English / Nederlands
Includes biography and bibliography.
Rob Voerman creates various forms of fictive architecture in which the romanticism of self built structures opposes destruction, terror and threat.
The release of this publication coincides with the exhibition 'Rob Voerman: Human Comfort' at the Cobra Museum of Modern Art, Amstelveen, 30 January-30 May, 2010.