01 Mar '24
through 07 Jul '24
Positions: Soft Intimacies 
How do you keep personal and collective memories alive? That is the starting point for the work of five artists from The Hague: Eugenie Boon, Yaïr Callender, Haevan Lee, Farah Rahman and Amber Toorop.
14 Sep '24
through 15 Dec '24
Agustina Woodgate: More Heat Than Light
We are proud to present the exhibition 'More Heat Than Light' in the Fall. It is the first solo by the Argentinian artist Agustina Woodgate in the Netherlands .
07 Oct '23
through 31 Dec '24
Positions: Afterlives
With 'Positions: Afterlives', Stroom introduces an event series in which artists present imaginations of the impact of the Dutch and Hague colonial past in the present. What factors, narratives and systems shape our current reality, and in what ways do these legacies affect the present? 
New in our library!
Michael Rakowitz: Be Longing
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