25 Mar '19
through 26 May '19
Visual Culture Research Center: 'Hybrid Peace'
Staging installations, screenings, and discussions 'Hybrid Peace' explores the politicality of truth through visual art and forensic knowledge. With the participation of: Yuriy Hrytsyna, Angelina Kariakina, Oleksiy Radynski, Hito Steyerl, Artur Zmijewski. Curated by Vasyl Cherepanyn.
01 Mar '19
through 24 May '19
Diego Tonus and Anonymous: 'Fragments of a Conversation with a Counterfeiter'
A project that contributes to a discussion about the transformation of value. Based on an assumed conversation between the artist Diego Tonus and a forger (Anonymous). Part of 'See You in The Hague'.
28 Apr '19
Maidan and Beyond: Observing the (Counter-)Revolution
Screening and talk by Oleksiy Radynski (Ukraine), offering glimpses into the pre- and post-revolutionary realities defined by the polarisation and radicalisation of society in Ukraine. This evening is part of 'Hybrid Peace'.
05 May '19
Opening 'Hybrid Peace' + screening film 'Glimpse'
OPENING on Liberation Day of the finished exhibition 'Hybrid Peace' + screening film 'Glimpse' and talk filmmaker Artur Zmijewski (Poland).
17 - 21 June 2019
SPOT grant stop for applications thru July 2019
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