29 Aug '19
Tirzo Martha x Sculpture Gallery
Celebration of the newest addition to The Sculpture Gallery: 'The dematerialization of the five commandments in the five senses' by Tirzo Martha. Plus special program on location in Filmhuis Den Haag.
07 Sep '19
through 20 Oct '19
left gallery: rite of access
A project on access to public art in the digital age. For six weeks the online platform left gallery takes residence in a brick and mortar public art institution.
13 Sep '19
through 15 Sep '19
Uncertainty Seminars: Other Than Art's Sake
'Uncertainty Seminars' are hybrid events embracing doubt and hesitation as cultural strategy. 'Uncertainty Seminars: Other Than Art's Sake' teases out the multiform positions and social practices that artists can inhabit. With a.o. Dena Yago (K-Hole), Simone Zeefuik, Yamuna Forzani, Stijn Verhoeff, Sjoerd Leijten, Katayoun Arian and Susan Ploetz.
13 Sep '19
Uncertainy Seminars: Senses of Security: a larp workshop by Susan Ploetz
As part of 'Uncertainy Seminars: Other Than Art's Sake', this live action role playing (larp) workshop led by Susan Ploetz  deals with senses of security and law making, through speculative social prototyping.
05 Oct '19
Museumnacht Den Haag 2019
Stroom participates in Musemnacht Den Haag with a 'curator tour' through 'left gallery: rite of access'. Starts at 21 hrs.
Summer 2019
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