14 May '22
through 10 Jul '22
Yvonne Dröge Wendel: To Be To Gather
A selection from the rich art practice of Yvonne Dröge Wendel, which spans three decades. On the occasion of her new work for 'The Sculpture Gallery' in The Hague's city center. Also open during Hoogtij on Friday 27 May (19:00-22:00). With a guided tour by Ilga Minjon at 20:00.
07 May '22
through 12 Jun '22
Positions: Leonie Brandner
The presentation 'Wilting Moss and Night Dreaming Flower' showcases the artist's lines of thought, written, sung, material and sensual. Also open during Hoogtij on Friday 27 May (19:00-22:00).
11 Apr '22
through 31 Dec '22
UN Youth Impact - Mural
A large mural by the artist duo Karski & Beyond depicts what themes the youth of The Hague wants to see represented on the United Nations agenda. Part of 'See You in The Hague'.
01 Dec '21
through 31 Jul '22
Conflictorium ‘Elephant in the Room’
A project in collaboration with Conflictorium - Museum of Conflict in India. The result will be a publication featuring around 85 artists and art writers from India. Conclusion of our long-running program 'Our House, your Home'
05 Jul '21
through 31 Dec '22
Walking Seminar Den Haag
Four audio walks through the city of the future by artists and scientists, focusing on urgent themes.
07 Sep '13
through 31 Dec '22
See You in The Hague
A long-running program which explores the identity of The Hague as the International City of Peace and Justice through art.
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