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Agniezka Kurant : Unknown Unknown / concept Agniezka Kurant ; text by Raimundas Malasauskas, Jean-Charles Massera, Jan Verwoert ; interview by Neville Wakefield. - Berlin : Sternberg Press, 2008. - 96 p. : ills. ; 23 cm
Agniezka Kurant is interested in the ways in which trying to interpret the world logically results in a fictional version of reality. Her works explore how things created as fictions, rumors, paranormal phenomena as well as objects not existing materially, enter into economy and politics of contemporary world. She is interested in virtual capital, imaginary property, immaterial labour, hybrid authorship, changes of aura, value and status of objects in cognitive capitalism. Many of her works are related to the existence of the future in the present. Kurant explores in her work the thin line between fiction and reality, and questions the notions of copyright and the marketplace.

Double Centre / photographs and text by Charles van Otterdijk. - London ; The Hague ; Eindhoven : Bookworks : Stroom Den Haag : Van Abbemmuseum, 2013. - 84 p. : ills. ; 23 cm
The book Double Centre presents a dossier of images, an index, and a short text. It appears like a report, a form of documentation, or some sort of archive revealing two sites discovered by the artist Charles van Otterdijk in the east of Germany. The photographs show stark rooms with objects that appear typical - unnervingly similar to everyday objects: desks, chairs, racks; yet, each object is unusual, distorted and unfamiliar, making it unclear what the function of the objects, or the sites they are in, might be. This peculiarity is further reinforced, by the apparent duplication of objects across the two sites. Objects are repeated, and modified, their differences accentuating their similarity. Exacerbated by these layers of doubling and suggestion, Double Centre feels similarly out of sight - the apparent objectivity of image and text, belying an eerie suspicion about the truth of the document, and narrative.
978 1 906012 60 1

Dread : The Dizziness of Freedom / editor Juha van 't Zelfde ; with contributions by Simon Critchley, Vinay Gupta, Thomas Hirschhorn, China Miéville [ al.]. - Amsterdam : Valiz, 2013. - 234 p. : ills. ; 21 cm. - (Antennae Series)
Includes index.
Constantly changing technology and growing communication networks give mankind ever more choices and options. However, every technological innovation has its counterpart: see this quote by Paul Virilio: ‘the innovation of the ship also meant a new form of shipwreck'. This imminent, hard to interpret threat evokes feelings of ‘dread'. Dread is an essential and potentially productive element of the human consciousness, and according to the contributors to this volume, a defining characteristic of the present-day condition humaine. Closely related to anxiety and fear, the concept of dread is associated with the ‘dizziness of freedom', as proposed by Søren Kierkegaard in 1844.

Marcel Broodthaers / edited by Marie-Puck Broodthaers ; text by Wilfried Dickhoff and Bernard Marcadé. - London : Thames and Hudson, 2013. - 320 p. : ills. ; 31 cm
Includes biography and bibliography.
Traversing media freely - from installation and sculpture to artist's books, prints, film and writings - Broodthaers embodied the ‘post-media artist' for whom any form could be recruited in the service of a larger conception. Those conceptions included institutional critique (of which he is a pioneer), art-historical critique, pastiche and philosophical-linguistic puzzles. Edited by Broodthaers' daughter Marie-Puck, the book includes a range of both classic and never-before-seen works, a biography, exhibition chronology and a selected bibliography.

Jeremy Deller : English Magic / texts by Hal Foster, Caroline McDonald, Dr. Justinian Jampol ; coversation Jeremy Deller, Chris Dercon, John Paul Lynch. - London : British Council, 2013. - 100 p. : ills. ; 22 cm
The British Council presents English Magic, a new exhibition by Jeremy Deller which has been conceived and created for the British Pavilion at the 55th International Art Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia. English Magic - a new film work by Jeremy Deller - forms a major part of his exhibition for the British Pavilion in 2013. The film brings together many of the ideas behind the works in the Pavilion, featuring visual and thematic elements that reflect Deller's interest in the diverse nature of British society and its broad cultural, socio-political and economic history.

Huilen in Den Haag : De droevigste beelden uit de Haagse samenleving vroeger en nu / idee en samenstelling Mariët Herlé. - Leiden : De Witte Uitgeverij, 2010. - 104 p. : ills. ; 28 cm
Droevige en ontroerende sociale geschiedenis van Den Haag, onder andere over armoede, dood en rouw, de internationale gemeenschap, politiek en vrouwen uit de Haagse samenleving.

Teaching Art in the Neoliberal Realm : Realism versus Cynicism / editors Pascal Gielen, Paul De Bruyne, Arts in Society ; with contributions by Jeroen Boomgaard, Dieter Lesage, Richard Sennett [ al.]. - Amsterdam : Valiz, 2012. - 258 p. ; 21 cm. - (Antennae Series)
Includes index.
The field of education has become a market, whether there is still room for art in it remains an important question. Teaching Art in the Neoliberal Realm investigates the effects of this setup on content and practice of artistic education and the position of art and the artist. The perspective is international. The book consists of three thematic chapters as well as interviews and essays that adopt a practical investigative or theoretical approach.

Art Education: A Glossary / editors Tom Vandenputte [ al.] ; with contributions by Ann Demeester, Bik van der Pol, Vivian Sky Rehberg [ al.]. - Amsterdam : Studio for Immediate Spaces / Sandberg Institute, 2013. - 36 p. ; 30 cm
This publication is the result of a series of theory seminars convened at the Sandberg Institute in the framework of the newly founded Studio for Immediate Spaces. The coincidence of the theory seminar with the start of this new academic programme was taken as an opportunity to reflect on the present condition of art education itself: its institutions, practices, models and infrastructure.

Fight-Specific Isola : Art, Architecture, Activism and the Future of the City / editors Antonio Brizioli, Chiara Figone, Bert Theis [ al.] ; essays by Charles Esche [ al.], Steve Piccolo, Gerald Raunig, Marco Scotini [ al.]. - Berlin : Archive Books, 2012. - 394 p. : ills. ; 27 cm
An Isola Art Center (Milano) project. This book intends to review the experiment of alliance between artistic production and conflict from a perspective of historical analysis, and will be structured through three different levels of investigation: The documentary materials from the Polytechnic archives of Daniele Vitale and Stefano Topuntoli's aerial photos that record the urban transformations and new architectural structures of the neighborhood since the early seventies; the more recent artistic and curatorial activities with a number of works created in the context of a "fighting-neighborhood"; and finally the latest developments focused on the effects of gentrification and the planning stages of a green space by Isola Pepe Verde and the community.

No Order No 1 : Art in a Post-Fordist Society / editor Marco Scotini ; texts by Will Bradley, Vasif Kortun, Viktor Misiano [ al.]. - Berlin : Archive Books, 2011. - 394 p. : ills. ; 27 cm
Developed by NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milano: Department of Visual Arts and Cultural Studies
This editorial research and investigation project focuses on the relationships between contemporary art systems and capitalism's production processes. By means of an investigation into current creative industries—and their social, economic and semiotic assemblages—the magazine contributions (essays, articles, interviews and dialogues as well as artists' projects) aim to deconstruct, analyse and intervene within the ambit of the procedures and forms of cognitive capitalism. It will concentrate, in particular, on the phenomena of the ‘biennalisation', ‘financialisation' and ‘spectacularisation' of the political, beginning with the control and distribution of forms of artistic education, production and display on a global scale.

Farming the City : Food as a Tool for Today's Urbanisation / edited by Francesca Miazzo and Mark Minkjan (CITIES) ; with contributions by Jan Jongert, Alex Wilde / Anne chin Meier, Kevin Morgan [ al.]. - Haarlem ; Amsterdam : Trancity*Valiz, 2013. - 232 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references.
Farming the City is about how to use food a tool for today's urbanisation by employing effective and achievable small-scale local solutions. 75 Per cent of us will be living in cities by 2050, and we face serious issues regarding food miles, foodprints and CO2 emissions.Farming the City investigates the impact of local food initiatives and urban agriculture on our built environment, economic systems and community cohesion. It is about what we can do now to pave the way towards a locally-driven, equitable, post-carbon society.

Sustainist Design Guide : How sharing, localism, connectedness and proportionality are creating a new agenda for social design / authors Michiel Schwarz and Diana Krabbendam, with The Beach Network. - Amsterdam : BIS Publishers, 2013. - 142 p. : ills. ; 23 cm
Includes bibliography.
The Sustainist Design Guide presents an agenda for social innovation, based on values such as sharing, connectedness, localism and proportionality, as well as sustainability. It challenges us to transform these and other sustainist qualities into design criteria and include them in our design briefs.

Cities for People, Not for Profit : Critical Urban Theory and The Right to the City / edited by Neil Brenner, Peter Marcuse, and Margit Mayer. - London ; New York : Routledge, 2012. - 284 p. : ills. ; 23 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Drawing upon European and North American scholarship in sociology, politics, geography, urban planning and urban design, this book provides useful insights and perspectives for citizens, activists and intellectuals interested in exploring alternatives to contemporary forms of capitalist urbanization. The slogan, "cities for people, not for profit," sets into stark relief what the contributors view as a central political question involved in efforts, at once theoretical and practical, to address the global urban crises of our time.

Bouwen aan Vrede : Honderd jaar werken aan vrede door recht : Het Vredespaleis 1913-2013 / concept, redactie, en samenstelling Bob Duynstee, Daan Meijer, Floris Tilanus ; tekst Johan Joor, Heikelina Verrijn Stuart ; met bijdragen van Günter Grass, Arnon Grunberg, Perihan Magden [ al.]. - Den Haag : Garnegie Stichting, 2013. - 518 p. : ills. ; 28 cm
Bevat bibliografische gegevens en personenregister.
Johan Joor, beschrijft de bewogen geschiedenis van het Vredespaleis en van de instituties en organisaties die het wereldwijde symbool van de vrede herbergt: De geschiedenis wordt vanaf het eind van de 19e eeuw verteld, maar de nadruk ligt op de ontwikkelingen sinds 1989. Een overzicht over de wereldgeschiedenis, gezien vanuit een bijzondere plek in Den Haag, het Vredespaleis. Behalve een historisch deel bevat het boek ook een essay dat het Vredespaleis beschrijft vanuit een juridisch-filosofisch perspectief, van de hand van Heikelina Verrijn Stuart.

Inside Flows : Reinventing the Performance of Space
/ editors Jan Jongert, Hans Venhuizen, Lizanne Dirkx, Marja van der Burgh ; contributors Gunter Pauli, Daan Roosegaarde, Marije van Zomeren [ al.]. - Den Haag : Inside - Royal Academy of Art, Master Interior Architecture, 2013. - 62 p. : ills. ; 23 cm
Contemporary interiors increasingly depend on a complex of connecting of flows. At the same time the growing awareness of the limits to our resources forces designers to reinvent the performance of spaces we inhabit. This issue of INSIDE puts the application of flows in design in perspective and takes you on a tour of the real challenges designers have presented solutions to.

Offside Effect : Academy as Exhibition : 1st Tbilisi Triennial / editor Henk Slager ; texts Marion von Osten, Nikolaus Hirsch, Stephan Dillemuth [ al.]. - Utrecht : Metropolis M Books, 2013. - 96 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
Over the last decade, art education has been confronted time and again with neoliberal thought and attitudes. As a result of this, art education has turned slowly but surely into a specific product focused on quantifiable and verifiable end results manifested and legitimized by the rhetoric of marketing and efficiency. This publication's goal is to not only document the 1st Tbilisi Triennial, but to also incite further diagnoses and developments in the debate on current art academies and their contexts.

Soren Kierkegaard Entweder / Oder : Im Spiegel Zetgenössischer Kunst / hrsg. Katja Blomberg ; texte Boris Groys, Raimundas Malasauskas Solvej Helweg Ovesen [ al.]. - Köln : Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2013. - 148 p. : ills. ; 27 cm
"Entweder / Oder" nimmt den 200. Geburtstag von Søren Kierkegaard (1813 - 1855) zum Anlass eine internationale Gruppenausstellung mit jungen Zeitgenossen zu zeigen, die das Denken des dänischen Philosophen und Theologen in der Bildenden Kunst reflektieren. Kierkegaard hinterfragt existentielle Fragen zu Liebe und Tod aber auch zur Wahl zwischen Leidenschaft und Rationalismus: „tue es oder tue es nicht, du wirst beides bereuen" ist sein Motto.

Leaving Art : Writings on Performance, Politics and Publics, 1974-2007 / author Suzanne Lacy. - Durham : Duke University Press, 2010. - 378 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index..
Since the 1970s, the performance and conceptual artist Suzanne Lacy has explored women's lives and experiences, as well as race, ethnicity, aging, economic disparities, and violence, through her pioneering community-based art. Combining aesthetics and politics, and often collaborating with other artists and community organizations, she has staged large-scale public art projects, sometimes involving hundreds of participants. Lacy has consistently written about her work: planning, describing, and analyzing it; advocating socially engaged art practices; theorizing the relationship between art and social intervention; and questioning the boundaries separating high art from popular participation.