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Lygia Clark : The Abandonment of Art, 1948-1988 / edited by Cornelia H. Butler and Luis Pérez-Oramas ; with essays by Antonio Sergio Bessa, Frederico Coelho, Eleonora Fabiao [ al.]. - New York : The Museum of Modern Art, 2014. - 338 p. : ills. ; 31 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Lygia Clark (1920-1988) trained in Rio de Janeiro and Paris from the late 1940s to the mid-1950s. From the late 1960s through the 1970s she created a series of unconventional artworks in parallel to a lengthy psychoanalytic therapy, leading her to develop a series of therapeutic propositions grounded in art. Three sections of the book are based on key phases throughout her career--Abstraction, Neo-Concretism and The Abandonment of Art. They examine critical moments in Clark's production, anchor significant concepts or constellations of works that mark a definitive step in her work, and shed light on circumstances in her life as an artist.

James Turrell : A Retrospective / by Michael Govan and Christine Y. Kim ; with essays by Alison de Lima Green, E. C. Krupp. - Los Angeles ; Munich : Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) : Prestel Verlag, 2013. - 304 p. : ills. ; 30 cm
Includes bibliographical references, biography and index.
Published in conjunction with a major retrospective, this comprehensive volume illuminates the origins and motivations of James Turrell's incredibly diverse and exciting body of work—from his Mendota studio days to his monumental work-in-progress Roden Crater.
Whether he's projecting shapes on a flat wall or into the corner of a gallery space, James Turrell is perpetually asking us to "go inside and greet the light"—evoking his Quaker upbringing. In fact, all of Turrell's work has been influenced by his life experiences with aviation, science, and psychology, and as a key player in Los Angeles's exploding art scene of the 1960s.


Paul Thek : Artist's Artist / edited by Harald Falckenberg, Peter Weibel ; texts by Bazon Brock, Kenny Schachter, Kim Gordon [ al.]. - Cambridge, Mass. ;  Karlsruhe ; Hamburg : The MIT Press : ZKM / Center for Art and Media  : Sammlung Falckenberg, 2009. - 640 p. : ills. ; 28 cm
Includes bibliographical references.
This book charts Paul Thek's journey from legendary outsider to foundational figure in contemporary art. In their antiheroic diversity, Thek's works embody the art revolution of the 1960s; indeed, Susan Sontag dedicated her classic Against Interpretation to him. Thek occupied a place between high art and low art, between the epic and the everyday. During his brief life (1933-1988), he went against the grain of art world trends, humanizing the institutional spaces of art with the force of his humor, spirituality, and character. Twenty years after Thek's death from AIDS, we can now recognize his influence on contemporary artists ranging from Vito Acconci and Bruce Nauman to Matthew Barney, Mike Kelley, and Paul McCarthy, as well as Kai Althoff, Jonathan Meese, and Thomas Hirschhorn.

How to Live Together : Novelistic Simulations of Some Everyday Spaces : Notes for a lecture course and seminar at the Collège de France (1976-1977) / by Roland Barthes ; translated by Kate Briggs ; text established, annotated, and introduced by Claude Coste. - New York : Columbia University Press, 2013. - 222 p. ; 26 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
How to Live Together concists of a series of lectures exploring solitude and the degree of contact necessary for individuals to exist and create at their own pace.
In this work, Barthes focuses on the concept of "idiorrhythmy," a productive form of living together in which one recognizes and respects the individual rhythms of the other. He explores this phenomenon through five texts that represent different living spaces and their associated ways of life: Émile Zola's Pot-Bouille, set in a Parisian apartment building; Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain, which takes place in a sanatorium; André Gide's La Séquestrée de Poitiers, based on the true story of a woman confined to her bedroom; Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe, about a castaway on a remote island; and Pallidius's Lausiac History, detailing the ascetic lives of the desert fathers.


Exhibition as Social Intervention : 'Culture in Action' 1993 / authors Joshua Decter and Helmut Draxler ; introduction by David Morris and Paul O'Neill ; with contributions by Joe Scanlan, Simon Grennon, Mary Jane Jacob [ al.]. - London : Afterall Books, 2014. - 224 p. : ills. ; 22 cm. - (Exhibition Histories)
Includes bibliographical references.
A show challenging conventional understandings of public art, ‘Culture in Action' in Chicago had a new social agenda, and reworked what an exhibition of contemporary art might be. Through eight projects by artists, initiated in the early 1990s and developed in collaboration with local people, the intention was to engage diverse groups over time, in addition to the visiting public in 1993. In the fifth book in Afterall's Exhibition Histories series, the course of these projects is illustrated and described, with critical reappraisal of this important exhibition in newly commissioned essays and interviews.

Please Come to the Show / edited by David Senior ; with essays by Will Holder, Antony Hudek, Angie Keefer [ al.]. - London : Occasional Papers, 2014. - 160 p. : ills. ; 25 cm
Includes checklist.
David Senior, bibliographer at the Museum of Modern Art Library in New York, selected a wide range of exhibition-related ephemera - invitations, flyers and posters from the 1960s to the present - and presents them here as an historically overlooked but integral aspect of exhibitions.

Labyrinth. Four times through the labyrinth / by Olaf Nicolai and Jan Wenzel ; translated by Sadie Plant. - Leipzig ; Zürich : Spector Books : Rollo Press, 2012. - 320 p. : ills. ; 19 cm
Includes bibliography.
The starting point for this transcript of four lectures, all held in Leipzig in 2010, is a public art work that Olaf Nicolai installed in Paris in 1998. By exploring and combining a broad spectrum of topics that relate to the theme of the labyrinth, this book serves as both, a reference system to Nicolai's work as well as an independent source book dealing with labyrinthian matter ranging from the minotaur to the floorplans of IKEA.

The Phantom of Liberty : Contemporary Art and the Pedagogical Paradox
/ editors Tone Hansen and Lars Bang Larsen ; with contributions by Allan Sekula, Dave Hullfish Bailey, Sharon Lockhart [ al.]. - Berlin : Sternberg Press, 2014. - 294 p. : ills. ; 19 cm
One of the few things we have in common in contemporary society is the future of our children. But it seems that even the "we" of childhood, of learning and free play, has turned into a common ground for instrumentalization and competition. Today, the pedagogical paradox—Kant's meditation on the paradox that the subject's predisposition for freedom must be learned—is increasingly lost in governmental obsession about the efficiency of education and schooling. From another perspective, artists are addressing questions of childhood, play, and pedagogy. The Phantom of Liberty sets out to reestablish a social and aesthetic dialogue between visual art and psychology, philosophy, pedagogy, and critical journalism.

Horror in Architecture / by Joshua Comaroff and Ong Ker-Shing. - San Fransisco etc. : ORO editions, 2013. - 228 p. : ills. ; 18 cm
Includes bibliographical references.
This book looks at the idea of horror and its analogues in architecture. In these, normal compositions become strange: extra limbs appear, holes open where they should not, individual objects are doubled or split or perversely occupied. Horror in Architecture may be read as a history, as an alternative to the classic canon of good and proper architectures, or as a sly manifesto for a new approach to the design of the built environment--one that encourages a playful subversion of conventions. Through an investigation that spans architecture, art, and literature, this study attempts to shed light on horror through its shifting forms and meanings--and to identify a creeping unease that lingers at the very center of the modern project.

Moon / by Edgar Williams. - London : Reaktion Books, 2014. - 200 p. : ills. ; 21 cm. - (Earth Series)
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Since humans first gazed upward, the moon has hung in the sky virtually unchanged, entrancing generations of poets, artists and scientists. 'Moon' gives a comprehensive account of our lunar companion's significance, tracing its origins out of a collision with Earth and following its rich cultural resonance in the worlds of literature, art, religion and politics.

Air / by Peter Adey. - London : Reaktion Books, 2014. - 232 p. : ills. ; 21 cm. - (Earth Series)
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Air has always been essential to life, from the atmospheric composition that gave life to the forests and gigantic insects of the Carboniferous age some 300 million years ago to the air that fuels the most important technologies today. 'Air' is an innovative cultural and scientific history that focuses on our attempts to understand air, to engineer and grapple with it, to make sense of it and find meaning in it.

Grain Vapor Ray : Textures of the Anthropocene / edited by Katrin Klingan, Ashkan Sepahvand, Christoph Rosol, Bernd M. Scherer. - Berlin ; Cambridge, Mass. : Revolver Publishing : The MIT Press, 2014. - 3 Volumes + Manual : Grain, 326 p. : ills. ; 23 cm : Vapor, 280 p. : ills. ; 23 cm : Ray, 336 p. : ills. ; 23 cm : Manual, 80 p. ; 23 cm
Includes bibliographical references
We have entered the Anthropocene era—a geological age of our own making, in which what we have understood to be nature is made by man. We need a new way to understand the dynamics of a new epoch. These volumes offer writings that approach the Anthropocene through the perspectives of grain, vapor, and ray—the particulate, the volatile, and the radiant. The first three volumes—each devoted to one of the three textures—offer a series of paired texts, with contemporary writers responding to historic writings. A fourth volume offers a guide to the project as a whole.

Vacancy Studies : Experimenten & strategische interventies in architectuur = Experiments & Strategic Interventions in Architecture / redactie Ronald Rietveld en Erik Roetveld ; teksten Jurgen Bey, Arna Mackic, Barbara Visser, Esther van der Wiel & Martine Zoeteman. - Rotterdam : nai010 uitgevers, 2014. - 184 p. : ills. ; 24 cm. - Nederlands / English
Bevat korte biografieën.
The book Vacancy Studies provides the architecture world with an optimistic perspective on the temporary reuse of vacant spaces. According to RAAAF (Rietveld Architecture Art-Affordances), there is great potential in vacant public and government buildings. At the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2010, RAAAF visualized the gigantic scale of these vacant spaces in an installation called Vacant NL.. This book consists of two parts: Part I, ‘Surfing on a Sea of Vacancy', presents a vision of the potential offered by vacancy and a new way of analyzing and designing known as ‘strategic interventions'; Part II, ‘Parachuting above Vacant NL' deals with experimentation in design education and in real life.

De vergeten monumenten van Curaçao / auteurs Ruben La Cruz, Karolien Helweg. - Arnhem : LM Publishers, 2014. - 112 p. : ills. ; 22 cm
Bevat bibliografie.
Dit boek is een eerbetoon aan het met blik beklede huis en zijn bewoners en is het resultaat van een tien jaar durende zoektocht van Ruben La Cruz en Karolien Helweg naar een uniek wijdverbreid doch snel verdwijnend verschijnsel op Curaçao. De verhalen van de huidige en voormalige bewoners van de blikken huizen vormen het hoofdbestanddeel van dit boek en illustreren de opkomst en ondergang van het ‘blikken huis'. Zij vertellen hoe ze hun eigen ‘paleis' bouwden en hoe ze het onderhouden.