Oproep inschrijving atelierbezoek Natasha Ginwala op 21 en 22 juni 2017

Op woensdag 21 en donderdag 22 juni 2017 zal Natasha Ginwala, Contour Biennale 8 (Mechelen, België) en curatorial advisor van Documenta 14 (Kassel en Athene) een aantal atelierbezoeken afleggen bij kunstenaars in Den Haag.

Onderstaand de interessegebieden van de curator.
"Natasha Ginwala is interested in working with artists with long term research-driven approaches. The medium that especially concerns Natasha is moving image and film, sculpture that also experiments with the structural condition of cinema and the morphology of celluloid. Furthermore, she is interested in meeting artists working with performance, sound and rhythm, but also practices that engage with different collectivities and collaborative engagements. In terms of content, she would be interested in meeting artists who are looking into the Dutch colonial legacy."
"As a curator Natasha focuses on the development of research-centered projects that are often shaped over the course of several years and in close collaboration with artists, film makers, anthropologists, and curators alike. She is interested in exploring and questioning the mechanisms of modernity and its post-colonial critique, the narratives that have been excluded by mainstream media and history. At the same time, she has been consciously looking into sentient ecologies, the riot as form of resistance, as well as corruption as a global force. As curator of the recently closed Contour Biennale 8 she focused on artistic acts that challenge procedures of testimony, evidence production and witnessing; as well as the performative nature of the trial."

Aanmelden (deadline donderdag 8 juni 2017)
Als je geïnteresseerd bent in een atelierbezoek van Natasha Ginwala kun je dat uiterlijk donderdag 8 juni a.s. laten weten. Wij vragen je via de volgende link:
je interesse voor een atelierbezoek benknopt in het Engels te motiveren. De binnengekomen reacties worden samen met eventuele suggesties vanuit Stroom aan de curator voorgelegd. Uit de lijst zal de curator een keuze maken op basis waarvan het bezoekprogramma zal worden samengesteld. Je ontvangt alleen een bericht wanneer je door de curator bent geselecteerd voor een atelierbezoek.

Beknopte biografie van de curator

Natasha Ginwala is a curator, researcher, and writer. She is curator of Contour Biennale 8 and curatorial advisor for Documenta 14. Recent projects include My East Is Your West featuring Shilpa Gupta and Rashid Rana at the 56th Venice Biennale; Still Against the Sky at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin; and Corruption: Everybody Knows... with e-flux, New York within the framework of the SUPERCOMMUNITY project. She was a member of the artistic team for the 8th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art (with Juan A. Gaitán) and curated The Museum of Rhythm at Taipei Biennial 2012 (with Anselm Franke) and at Muzeum Sztuki Lotz Poland between 2016-2017 (with Daniel Muzyczuk). From 2013-2015 she led the multi-part curatorial project Landings presented at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, David Roberts Art Foundation, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and other partner organizations (with Vivian Ziherl). Ginwala writes on contemporary art and visual culture in various periodicals and has contributed to numerous publications.
Contour Biennale 8
Contour Mechelen is an organization dedicated to art being made in the moving image. Its mission is to promote the creation and exhibition of art in the moving image. Contour is based in Mechelen, Belgium. Every two years, Contour Mechelen organizes a Moving Image Biennale, also known as 'Contour', the project for which it has become most known. The biennial offers a platform to curators and artists working with different forms of moving image, from film and video to installation. In between the Biennials, Contour also instigates and produces public projections and installations.
Contour Biennale 8 (11 March - 21 May 2017) departs from the historic grounds of the Great Council, established in Mechelen during the fifteenth century; an emblematic reminder of the court architecture that first sought to address the Low Countries through rational jurisprudence. Here, law was not only spoken but enacted as a regional force across Dutch, German, and French territories. The modern world brought together through the Western system of nation-states is intrinsically tied to the progression of European law and enlightenment principles of rationality around legal representation. From the vestiges of this judicial infrastructure, the biennale investigates the field of social justice and its implements as media archaeology, such that justice itself is considered a "medium" that is simultaneously a performative, ethical, and aesthetic operation. Rather than focusing entirely on individual artistic production, this edition of the biennale is a moment for a number of collectives to partake in shared deliberation, informal exchanges, durational research, and process-based contributions. The question of approaching justice is one that necessitates the critical plenitude of sparring partners and the irregular alignments of a multitude. This attitude seeks to engage with vital questions of livability, since even today's precariousness is defined by: "the fact that one's life is always in some sense in the hands of the other. It implies exposure both to those we know and to those we do not know; a dependency on people we know, or barely know, or know not at all."

Over het atelierbezoekprogramma
Stroom nodigt sinds 2006 regelmatig curatoren, kunstenaars en critici uit binnen- en buitenland uit om atelierbezoeken af te leggen bij Haagse kunstenaars. Het atelierbezoek biedt de kunstenaar de gelegenheid om zich met zijn/ haar werk te presenteren. Het vormt een gelegenheid tot opbouwende kritische reflectie op het werk in een gedachtenwisseling met een gekwalificeerde expert. En in het verlengde hiervan wordt natuurlijk de bekendheid met het werk gestimuleerd. Contactpersoon: Natascha Helmer

Verwachte atelierbezoeken 2017
Juli: Emanuel Guidi - ar/ge kunst, Kunstverein Bolzano
Oktober: Antonia Alampi - Kunsthal Extra City, Antwerpen