OBJECT subsidie (PROPERTY Grant) - general information

The OBJECT grant scheme is intended to develop the stock of studio space in The Hague - both in quantitative and qualitative terms. The grants can be applied for by both individuals (artists, owners of studios/studio complexes) and organisations (artist-run initiatives, collectives)..

There are two distinct OBJECT grant categories:
• OBJECT Permanent, for permanent studios and combined studio/living areas that remain available for this purpose for a minimum of 10 years;
• OBJECT Tijdelijk, for temporary studio complexes that remain available for this purpose for a minimum of 6 months.

Application procedure
Applications for an OBJECT grant can be submitted throughout the year. The two grant types - Permanent and Tijdelijk - are subject to different conditions. Please refer to the respective explanations of the two grant types for a description of the target group for the grant, the framework, the required information and the review criteria. 

In the following cases, OBJECT grant applications will not be considered for review:
• Applications for an existing studio space;
• Applications for funding to cover maintenance and renovation costs;
• Applications for construction projects that are already underway, or that have already been realised.

Stroom requires OBJECT grant applications to conform to a standard budget template (modelbegroting). This template can be found on the Stroom Den Haag website. 

Grant amount
The OBJECT grant scheme works with a maximum annual amount that can awarded, which is different for both grant categories. Please refer to the ‘Grant options overview' section for further information. If this annual maximum is reached for one of the grant categories, this category can be subject to a grant freeze.

Before submitting an OBJECT grant proposal, applicants are free to schedule an appointment with Stroom representatives to discuss the proposal or review a draft version of the application. Any recommendations provided to the applicant during such meetings will have no impact on the ultimate review.

After receiving the application, the medewerker atelierbeleid (Studio Policy team member) will pay a site visit to the property (a studio, combined studio/living area or studio complex that is either already in use as studio space or to be acquired for this purpose) together with the applicant and/or arrange a meeting with the applicant to discuss the details of the planned new studio space. Stroom will subsequently determine on the basis of the medewerker atelierbeleid's findings and the provided documentation whether the application satisfies the requirements set for funding. If the application meets all the requirements, Stroom will issue a positive allocation.

Subsequent stages
After the review, the applicant will receive a formal letter confirming whether the application has been approved or rejected.
In the case of a positive review, the letter of allocation will state the maximum funding that can be claimed for the project. This letter also summarises the specific conditions that apply to the awarded grant.

Allocation and payment
In the OBJECT grant scheme, the definite funding amount is allocated and paid out after the recipient has provided a statement of expenses. 
This statement of expenses can be submitted within 2 years of the formal allocation of the grant.
If it turns out a specific grant allocation is unjustified, Stroom Den Haag will revoke the grant. If it turns out the allocated amount was too high, Stroom Den Haag will reduce the awarded amount and will reclaim any excess amounts that have already been paid out. In cases where a project is not fully realised before the close-out date of the grant allocation, Stroom will claim the entire advance amount. 

Request to extend the grant term
If the recipient is unable to realise the construction project before the grant close-out date, he or she has the option of requesting an extension of the grant term. This request should include the recipient's motivation for the extension and his or her suggested new end date. 

Interim changes
If at any time there will be any substantial changes to the execution, budget or coverage plan for the funded exhibition or documentation project, the applicant is required to notify Stroom in writing before the fact. Stroom will determine whether the proposed changes are eligible for funding via the awarded grant.