Bibliotheek: nieuwe aanwinsten - februari-maart 2014

Minima Moralia : Reflecties uit het beschadigde leven / door Theodor W. Adorno. - Nijmegen : Uitgeverij Vantilt, 2013. - 285 p. ; 22 cm
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In Minima Moralia behandelt Adorno centrale vragen uit de levenskunst en de levensfilosofie. Hij schreef deze 153 zeer persoonlijke mini-essays tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog, toen hij in ballingschap was in de VS. Hij plaatst vraagtekens bij de mogelijkheid van een ‘goed leven' na de verschrikkingen van de eerste 45 jaar van de twintigste eeuw. Soms vormen ze een diepzinnige analyse van wat er mis is met de laatkapitalistische maatschappij, dan weer zijn het poëtische bespiegelingen vol nostalgisch verlangen naar het verloren geluk.

Prisma's : Cultuurkritiek en maatschappij / door Theodor W. Adorno ; nawoord Thijs Lijster. - Amsterdam : Octavo publicaties, 2012. - 336 p. ; 19 cm
Prisma's is het eerste deel van een reeks essaybundels over cultuurkritiek en maatschappij die door Adorno zelf is samengesteld. In het openingsessay - beroemd om de uitspraak 'na Auschwitz een gedicht schrijven is barbaars' - behandelt Adorno de rol van de cultuurcriticus. Hij stelt dat het onmogelijk is cultuurkritiek te bedrijven zonder de maatschappij als geheel in ogenschouw te nemen. Met Prisma's plaatste Adorno zich midden in het publieke debat, en daar hoort hij nog steeds thuis. Juist zijn gevoeligheid voor de wreedheden die verstopt zitten in ons alledaags taalgebruik en maatschappelijk verkeer, maakt hem voor deze tijd belangrijk. Zoals de titel Prisma's aangeeft: je moet de werkelijkheid 'breken' om er grip op te krijgen.

All That Is Solid Melts Into Air / by Jeremy Deller. - London : Hayward Publishing, Southbank Centre, 2013. - 83 p. : ills. ; 21 cm
In this volume, Jeremy Deller questions the effect of the Industrial Revolution on the British landscape and culture. He explores working-class musical culture, from nineteenth-century folk to glam and rock music in the 70s and 80s. This publication features a vast range of historical paintings, political tracts, poems and ballads, as well as new work by Deller.

The Lost Art of Walking
: The History, Science, and Literature of Pedestrianism / by Geoff Nicholson. - New York : Riverhead Books, 2009. - 278 p. ; 21 cm
Includes bibliographical references.
How we walk, where we walk, why we walk tells the world who we are. Walking is a profoundly universal aspect of what makes us humans social creatures, and engaged with the world. Geoff Nicholson examines the history and traditions of walking and its role as inspiration to artists, musicians, and writers like Bob Dylan, Charles Dickens, and Buster Keaton.

The Structure of the Ordinary : Form and Control in the Built Environment / by N. John Habraken ; edited by Jonathan Teicher. - Cambridge, Mass. ; London : The MIT Press, 2000. - 339 p. : ills. ; 27 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
"The Structure of the Ordinary" summarizes my observations of, and theories about, the built environment as a self organizing entity. It reflects my long term conviction that we must try and understand the workings of the built environment to improve, from the knowledge thus gained, our attempts to enhance it. To understand something as complex as our built environment we must seek what is common in its many manifestations and constant in its transformations. As with all studies of physical phenomena, patterns of change reveal the laws it is subject to. At the same time, change is caused by our interventions. Therefore, by learning to see environment in terms of change, we also learn to understand the ways in which we organize ourselves as agents acting upon it.

Visual Culture as Seriousness / by Gavin Butt and Irit Rogoff ; introduction by Jorella Andrews. - Berlin : Sternberg Press, 2013. - 88 p. : ills. ; 20 cm
Includes bibliographical references.
The contemporary art world has become more inhospitable to "serious" intellectual activity in recent years. Critical discourse has been increasingly instrumentalized in the service of neoliberal art markets and institutions, and artists are pressurized by the demands of popularity and funding bodies. Set against this context, Gavin Butt and Irit Rogoff raise the question of "seriousness" in art and culture.

Visual Culture as Recollection / by Astrid Schmetterling and Lynn Turner ; introduction by Jorella Andrews. - Berlin : Sternberg Press, 2013. - 88 p. : ills. ; 20 cm
Includes bibliographical references.
Memory has become a major preoccupation in the humanities in recent decades, be it individual and collective memory, cultural and national memory, or traumatic memory and the ethics of its representation. Drawing on these complex concerns, Astrid Schmetterling and Lynn Turner focus on distinct films—a series of short meditations on the September 11, 2001, attacks commissioned by Alain Brigand and collectively titled 11'09"01 - September 11 (2002), and Richard Linklater's Tape (2001). Through the medium of these works they investigate contemporary questions regarding the ethics of recollection and memorialization within visual culture.

The Artist's House : From workplace to artwork / by Kirsty Bell. - Berlin : Sternberg Press, 2013. - 336 p. : ills. ; 23 cm
The artist's house is a prism through which to view not only the artistic practice of its inhabitant, but also to apprehend broader developments in sculpture and contemporary art in relation to domestic architecture and interior space. Based on a series of interviews and site visits with living artists about the role of their home in relation to their work, Kirsty Bell looks at the house as receptacle, vehicle, model, theater, or dream space. A two-way flow from the domestic arena to the exhibition space becomes apparent, in which the everyday has a significant role to play in the merging of such developments as installation art, relational aesthetics, expanded collage, and performance art.

Ion Grigorescu : The Man with a Single Camera / edited by Alina Sreban ; texts by Ion Grigorescu, Ileana Pintilie, Nuno Faria [ al.]. - Berlin : Sternberg Press, 2013. - 360 p. : ills. ; 27 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
The Man with a Single Camera provides an extraordinary overview of Ion Grigorescu's body of work since the late 1960s until today. Regarded as one of the key protagonists of Eastern European conceptualism, the Romanian artist advocates a radical convergence between the organic and spiritual, an uninhibited immersion of life into art. The concept of "reality" is at the heart of Grigorescu's work. His ritualized actions and intimate performances, his films and photographs, and his paintings and writings allow, in a unique and antitraditional manner, existential concerns to proliferate. This book brings together a complete selection of source materials and theoretical contributions, which grasp the complexity of the social and political surroundings in which Grigorescu has worked, and provides an extended insight into the particularity of his artistic strategies.

Geta Bratescu : The Studio / edited by Alina Serban ; texts by Geta Bratescu, Anca Arghir, Magda Radu, Silvia Eiblmayer [ al.]. - Berlin : Sternberg Press, 2013. - 352 p. : ills. ; 27 cm
Includes Chronology.
The book is dedicated to Romanian artist Geta Brătescu, one of the most remarkable personalities of the Eastern European postwar avant-garde. The main part of the publication comprises visual materials and texts written by the artist that span several decades of her activity, outlining the exceptional manner in which she has appropriated the lesson of modernism and interrelated it with conceptual challenges. Brătescu focuses on the artistic process, advancing a multidisciplinary approach by using various media: film, happening, tapestry, engraving, collage, objects, and text.

Tourists Like Us : Critical Tourism and Contemporary Art / edited by Federica Martini & Vytautas Michelkevicius ; contributions by Paul Domela, Barnaby Drabble, Benoit Antille [ al.]. - Sierre ; Vilnius : ECAV-Ecole Cantonale d'Art du Valais : Vilnius Academy of Arts Press, 2013. - 264 p. : ills. ; 25 cm
In a time where heritage, sustainability and ecology increasingly cross the path of tourism, artists working in remote contexts and tourists visiting those places often share the observation of similar cultural objects: iconic landscape sites, vernacular culture and authentic artefacts, invented traditions and nostalgia. One effect of this condition, as Miwon Kwon highlights in the essay "The Wrong Place", is that the increasing mobility of the art system has led to romanticising the image of the cultural worker.

Oeuvre sculpté, travaux pour amateurs / artist's book by Koenraad Dedobbeleer. - Amsterdam : Roma Publishers, 2012. - 112 p. : ills. ; 23 cm. - (Roma Publication 185)
This artist's book is published on the occasion of Dedobbeleer's travelling solo exhibition at Lokremise St. Gallen, Centre d'art contemporain d'Ivry, Le Crédac, Ivry-sur-Seine, and De Vleeshal, Middelburg. The book, together with the artist's sculptural works, reflects in a refined and sometimes humorous manner on centuries-old traditions in sculpture, sophisticated design and banal, everyday culture.

Participation Is Risky : Approaches to Joint Creative Processes / editing Liesbeth Huybrechts ; with contributions by Katrien Dreessen, Denny K.L. Ho, Selina Schepers [ al.]. - Amsterdam : Valiz, 2014. - 346 p. ; 21 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
The term "participation" is often loosely used, especially within the contexts of new media and innovative research, and is often equated with interaction. Among the recent generation of artists and designers, there is a naturally growing need to work together, across the boundaries of disciplines, in ways that enable end users to contribute to content, form, or structure. New parameters are evolving. This book studies how makers who engage in participative practices must risk abandoning their traditional roles. It demonstrates interesting participative practices, methods and results, typically characterised by ‘risky' confrontation between disciplines and perspectives.

Kunstmatig van nature : Onderweg naar Homo sapiens 3.0 : Essay Maand van de Filosofie 2014 / door Jos de Mul. - Rotterdam : Uitgeverij Lemniscaat, 2014. - 208 p. : ills. ; 22 cm
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In Kunstmatig van nature bespreekt Jos de Mul de betekenis van recente ontwikkelingen in de robotica, neurowetenschappen en biotechnologie voor ons zelfbegrip en dagelijks leven.
Deze nieuwe technologieën vergroten niet alleen onze kennis van het leven op aarde - ze zijn allang begonnen dat leven fundamenteel te transformeren. Wie we zijn en wat we willen worden, is meer dan ooit een open vraag, een opgave. Zijn wij, ‘de eeuwig toekomstigen' volgens Nietzsche, onderweg naar Homo sapiens.


Architectuurgids Wederopbouw Den Haag 1940-1965  / auteur Wijnand Galema. - Gemeente Den Haag i.s.m. Uitgeverij De Nieuwe Haagsche, 2013. - 200 p. : ills. ; 22 cm. - (VOM-reeks 2013 nummer 3, Gemeente Den Haag, Dienst Stedelijke Ontwikkeling)
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De architectuurgids wederopbouw Den Haag 1940-1965 biedt aan de hand van 100 geselecteerde gebouwen inzicht in de naoorlogse architectuur van Den Haag.
Naast de context van de gebouwen wordt in deze gids ook gewezen op de kenmerkende naoorlogse details, interieurs, materiaalgebruik en monumentale kunst.


Angst en schoonheid : Louis Couperus, de mystiek der zichtbare dingen / door Bas Heijne. - Amsterdam : De Bezige Bij, 2013. - 144 p. ; 21 cm
Bas Heijne haalt Couperus naar deze tijd en laat zien dat de levensvragen die hij zich stelde nog altijd ónze vragen zijn: ‘Hoe kan een mens zichzelf overeind houden in een wereld waarin alles vergankelijk is, waarin de mens die zich ontworstelt aan de benepenheid van zijn eigen kleine wereld niet automatisch een rijker, zinniger leven wacht, maar misschien juist de wanhoop van de totale leegte?'

Atelier Van Lieshout : New Tribal Labyrinth / authors Dominic van den Boogerd, Tom Morton. - Amsterdam : Frame Publishers, 2014. - 214 p. : ills. ; 27 cm
Includes biography.
The project New Tribal Labyrinth reflects on our extremely advanced and complex society, in which over-consumption and limited raw materials play a crucial role. In AVL's vision, this will lead to conflict and the subsequent emergence of a new world order, with groups of people organising themselves in tribes instead of nation-states. This new tribal world will see a return to farming and industry - which currently both have been banished from our society - and a re-establishment of our relationship with materials which now has been lost.

Quiet Quality / by John Knight ; essays by Ray McKenzie, Pedro de Llano. - London : Cabinet Gallery, 2012. - 32 p. : ills. ; 23 cm
Includes bibliography.
This catalogue has been published on the occasion of the exhibition Quiet Quality, , Cabinet Gallery / Frieze Art Fair, 10 October - 17 November 2012.

De diplomaat van de tsaar : De ballingen van de Russische Revolutie / door Angela Dekker. - Amsterdam ; Antwerpen : Uitgeverij Atlas Contact, 2013. - 192 p. : ills. ; 21 cm
Toen in oktober 1917 in Rusland de revolutie uitbrak, verlieten veel Russen noodgedwongen hun land. Angela Dekker ging op zoek naar nazaten van de Russische emigrégemeenschap, het 'Russisch strandgoed', zoals de stateloze ballingen werden genoemd, naar Klein Rusland in Den Haag.

De geschiedenis van de Haagse Archipel- en Willemsparkbuurt : Met de geschiedenis van 125 jaar Vredeskapel / door Bob Feenstra. - herdruk Den Haag : PixelPerfect Publications, 2014. - 140 p. : ills. ; 30 cm
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Dit boek beschrijft het ontstaan en de geschiedenis van de Haagse wijken Archipel en Willemspark. Willemspark is de eerste en dus oudste wijk in deze stad die buiten de singelgrachten is gebouwd - de grachten waarbinnen eeuwenlang de ontwikkeling van Den Haag besloten bleef. Aansluitend is in de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw de Archipelwijk gebouwd 'op het zand'. De Archipelbuurt heeft als een van de weinige oudere wijken zijn oorspronkelijke uiterlijk en karakter goed weten te bewaren.