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Coco Fusco: Tomorrow, I Will Become an Island / ed. by Olga Viso; with contr. by Julia Bryan-Wilson, Coco Fusco, Anna Gritz,Jill Lane,Antonio José Ponte. - London:  Thames & Hudson, 2023. - 240 p.: ill.; 28 cm 
Includes selected bibliography, index, notes 
ISBN: 9780500024928 
Tomorrow, I Will Become an Island?is the first monograph and  in-depth study of the performances, videos, and social practice of the influential Cuban-American artist and writer Coco Fusco, who has been a leader in conversations around the intersection of identity, feminism, culture, and politics in the Americas and beyond. Emerging during the 1980s as a pioneering advocate of multiculturalism in the arts, Fusco utilizes performance, video, archival research and writing to reflect upon the ways that intercultural relations and colonial histories shape the construction of the self and perceptions of cultural difference. Her work critically examines society from a postcolonial perspective, engaging with debates about cultural politics throughout the Americas, Europe, and elsewhere. This expansive approach is highlighted through a broad range of works that address themes including postrevolutionary Cuba, racial stereotypes, feminist politics, ethnographic displays, military interrogation, and sex tourism. 

Experiments in Listening / by Rajni Shah. - London: Rowman & Littlefield, 2021. - 280 p.: ill.; 23 cm. - (Performance Philosophy series)
Includes notes, bibliography, index 
ISBN: 978-1-5381-4429-9 
Through an exploration of both practice and theory, this book investigates the relationship between listening and the theatrical encounter in the context of Western theatre and performance. Rather than looking to the stage for a politics or ethics of performance, Rajni Shah asks what work needs to happen in order for the stage itself to appear, exploring some of the factors that might allow or prevent a group of individuals to gather together as an ‘audience'. Shah proposes that the theatrical encounter is a structure that prioritizes the attentive over the declarative; each of the five chapters is an exploration of this proposition. In the fourth chapter,?Shah examines?the role of?the?invitation in setting up the parameters for being-in-audience, in relation to Sara Ahmed's writing about arrival and encounter. And in the final chapter the second practice element,?Experiments in Listening, operates to expand our thinking about where and how the work of being-in-audience takes place.  

ICUM / ed. by Yu Liang-Kai; with contr. by Adolfo Vega, Michelle David Ortiz, Samak Kosen [et al.] - Maastricht: Limestone Books, 2024 - (Mandarin / Eng.) 
"ICUM, a zine dedicated to the exploration of ku'r or queer art and curation transgressing the boundaries of prudish museumsBovenkant formulierOnderkant formulier with an ethos defined by the intersectionality of global connections." This inaugural issue (Jan 2024)  encapsulates the essence of ICUM's manifesto, challenging institutional norms, celebrating versatile expressions, and redefining the boundaries of artistic/curatorial practices. From Thailand to Taiwan, from Mexico to Colombia, ICUM delves into queer experiences transnationally, exploring the multifaceted world of queer art and curation.  

La queerness face aux archives / contr. de Marie Achille, Yazan Alloujami, Liang-Kai Yu [et al.] - Paris: Centre Pompidou, 2023. - unpaged: ill.; 35 x 15 cm. - (Journal de l'Université d'été de la Bibliothèque Kandinsky #9, 2023). - (Fr.) 
Comprend des biographies 
ISBN: -  
En résonance avec les formats et les vécus testés pendant l'Université d'été, au mois de juillet 2023, le numéro 9 du Journal est au plus près du principe de montage et de tissage d'un « patchwork », laissant ouverte la notion d'éditing personnel et personnalisé, multi-vocal. Sous son accroche performative qui invitait à « draguer » le musée et ses collections, à provoquer les usages, les mésusages, les savoirs situés, les impensé·es, et les nouvelles manières de faire et d'écrire la recherche qui se cristallisent autour de ces corpus et autour de biographies, une multitude de propositions et de récits qui déplacent profondément les lignes de travail à partir des « sources » et dégagent des passages et des outils d'analyse, nouveaux et vivants, loin de toute normativité figée.? 

AS IF - 16: Dialogues about Sheep, Black Holes, and Movement / ed. by Angelika Burtscher, Daniele Lupo; with contr. by Bayo Akomolafe, Kolar Aparna, Amélie Aranguren... [et al.]; artistic contr. by Marzia Migliora ; design by Lungomare (Chiara Cesaretti). - Leipzig: Spector Books icw Lungomare, 2023. - 295  [24] p.: ill. + poster; 20 cm. - (A Lungomare Reader) 
Includes notes 
ISBN: 9783959057523 
On the occasion of its 20th anniversary the Italian cooperative Lungomare published the volume AS IF - 16 Dialogues about Sheep, Black Holes, and Movement. Starting from dialogue as a form of relationship that Lungomare has adopted over its 20 years of artistic and cultural activity, the reader weaves together 54 voices of people invited to express their own vision to renegotiate the future.  The dialogues are structured into four chapters. Each chapter refers to methodologies and issues that Lungomare has always grappled within its projects, reflecting on current discourses inherent to artistic production:?Activating Contextual Practices, The Public Space as a Field of Action, Sharing Knowledge?and??Sense of Belonging.  

Climate Inheritance / by Rania Ghosn, El Hadi Jazairy; with contr. by Lucia Allais, David Gissen, Rodney Harrison and Colin Sterling. - New York; Barcelona: ACTAR, 2023. - 152 p.: ill.; 25,5 cm. - (DESIGN EARTH)
Includes notes
ISBN: 9781638400998 
Climate Inheritance is a speculative design research publication that reckons with the complexity of world and heritage in the Anthropocene. The impacts of climate change on heritage sites - from Venice flooding to extinction in the Galápagos Islands - have garnered empathetic media attention in a landscape that has otherwise failed to communicate the urgency of the climate crisis. In a strategic subversion of the media aura of heritage, the research practice DESIGN EARTH, founded by Rania Ghosn and El Hadi Jazairy in 2010, casts ten World Heritage sites as narrative figures to visualize pervasive climate risks - rising sea levels, extinction, droughts, air pollution, melting glaciers, material vulnerability, unchecked tourism, and the massive displacement of communities and cultural artifacts- all while situating the present emergency within the wreckages of other ends of world, replete with the salvages of extractivism, racism, and settler colonialism. The possibilities of such climate inheritances are narrated in drawing triptychs and mythologies that bequeath other worlds and values.  

CICC: Court for Intergenerational Climate Crimes / ed. by  Jonas Staal, Radha D'Souza. - Amsterdam: Framer Framed, 2024. - 424 + 48 p.: ill.; 23 cm
Includes biographies
ISBN: 978-9-08-307934-9 
The Court for Intergenerational Climate Crimes (CICC) is a collaboration between Framer Framed, Indian academic, writer, lawyer and activist Radha D'Souza and the artist Jonas Staal. The aim of the CICC is to prosecute climate crimes committed by states and corporations, not only in the past and present, but also in the future. Central to this book is the first iteration of the project, commissioned and staged by Amsterdam based art institute Framer Framed in 2021, during which public hearings were held against the Dutch State and transnational corporations registered in the Netherlands: Unilever, ING and Airbus. 

Court for Intergenerational Climate Crimes: Comrades in Extinction / by Radha de Souza and Jonas Staal. - Amsterdam: Framer Framed, 2021. - 47 p.: ill.; 21 cm 
ISBN: -  
Leaflet with illustrations by Jonas Staal, accompanying the similar named project by Radha de Souza and Jonas Staal consisting of an ancestral ecology of species of animals and plants that have been made extinct due to intergenerational climate crimes. "This publication consists of evidence [-] of intergenerational climate crimes in the form of the plant and animal martyrs of racial-ecocidal capitalism. It is also a document that honors comradely bonds with non-human ancestors [ - ] those in whose name we demand to be future ancestors to living, caring comradely worlds." 

Enfleshed: Ecologies of Entities and Beings/ ed. by Kristiina Koskentola and Marjolein van der Loo ; with contr.  from?Zoénie Deng, Rick Dolphijn, Taru Elfving ...[et al.]. - Eindhoven : Onomatopee, 2023. - 172 p.: ill.; 24 cm. - (Onomatopee 241) 
Includes notes 
ISBN: 978-94-93148-94-9 
Enfleshed: Ecologies of Entities and Beings?is evolving from the multifaceted, poly-vocal long-term research and a series of exhibitionsEnfleshed-Elaborated (2020-) by artist Kristiina Koskentol. The publication brings together?practitioners, thinkers, and artists from across Eurasia to collectively explore multispecies ecologies. The conflicts generated by ecological disaster, war, the global economy, identity politics, and the power structures of knowledge production and science here intertwine with shamanisms, rituals, magic, speculation, politics, and poetics. How do we imagine an active and implicated role of the human as one being among other beings? What might this entail, and what might this generate? The contributors engage in an exploration of experimental epistemic alliances, which operate as a way to learn and make new dialogic relations.  

The Uninhabitable Earth: A Story of the Future / by David Wallace-Wells . - London: Penguin, 2019. - 336 p.; 19,5 cm Includes notes, index
ISBN: 978-0-141-98887-0
The slowness of climate change is a fairy tale, perhaps as pernicious as the one that says it isn't happening at all, and if your anxiety about it is dominated by fears of sea-level rise, you are barely scratching the surface of what terrors are possible, even within the lifetime of a teenager today. In short: "It is worse, much worse, than you think." 

Manual of Urban Ecology / by Audrey Muratet and François Chiron; with contr. by Marc Barra and Gilles Lecuir; postface by Pierre-Henri Gouyon; design by Marie Pellaton. - Paris: les presses du réel, 2021. - 120 p.: ill.; 20 cm  
Includes notes, bibliography 
This manual provides the current state of knowledge on the functioning of nature in an urban environment: its ecology. Cities are complex structures that shelter a disparity of living conditions. They can both generate and destroy pools of biodiversity. They are themselves organisms that develop, mutate, and die. This Manual analyzes these phenomena. It affirms several principles to overcome the ecological blindness of city dwellers and avert the agony of urban ecosystems. 

Free the MB From Atlas to Hermes: a New Cartography of Borders and Migration / by Henk van Houtum ; with contr. by Rodrigo Bueno Lacy, Tofe Al-Obaidi, Catalogtree, Yishay Garbasz, Susanne Khalil Yusef, Nicolas Lambert, Sarah Mekdjian, Ruben Pater, Philippe Rekacewicz, Malkit Shoshan, Jonas Staal, Irene Stracuzzi, Annelys de Vet, Jasmijn Visser, Denis Wood ; design by De Vormforensen. - Rotterdam : nai010, 2024. - 200 p. : ill., maps; 27,5 cm 
Includes endnotes, bibliography, index 
ISBN: 978-94-6208-812-2   
A map is a visual story of the world. It feeds our imagination and shapes our view of the world. A standard atlas, however, predominantly tells only one story, that of the nation-state. It depicts a world in which people are uniformly packed into national containers, enclosed by borders, and in which migration is often represented as threatening invasion arrows. Free the Map goes beyond this narrow, state-centric cartography. The book argues for a new cartographic story, a Hermes - the grandson of Atlas and - the god of mobility and human connections.?To this end, it discusses several visually compelling, alternative cartographic representations of borders and migration. The publication ends with a call to action. Various artists and cartographers offer ready-to-use Hermes challenges for education and public Maplabs. 

A House With A Date Palm Will Never Starve: cooking with date syrup / ed. by Michael Rakowitz; foreword by Claudia Roden; text by Ella Shohat ; recipes by Yotam Ottolenghi, [et al.]. London: Art Books Publishing icw Plinth, 2018. - 240 p.: ill.; 23 cm. - (hardcover cookbook with date syrup infused ink) 
ISBN:  9781908970497 
In 2018, Michael Rakowitz' Lamassu sculpture on the Fourth Plinth at London's Trafalgar Square was unveiled. This Lamassu was built from thousands of date syrup cans, objects laden with historical significance. For decades, until the industry was decimated by war, dates had been Iraq's second biggest export after oil. As the Lamassu sat upon the Fourth Plinth, Rakowitz invited forty one celebrated and pioneering chefs to create new and classic dishes to showcase the rich versality of date syrup, a central ingredient in Iraqi cooking. Chefs and food writers included Yotam Ottolenghi, Alice Waters, Claudia Roden, Reem Kassis, Prue Leith, Jason Hammel, Nuno Mendes, Thomasina Miers, Giorgio Locatelli and Marcus Samuelsson.  

Fascisme en populisme: Mussolini nu / door Antonio Scurati. - Amsterdam: Podium, 2024. - 91 [2] p.; 20 cm  
ISBN: 9789463812641 
In dit soepel geschreven en urgente pamflet laat Antonio Scurati zien hoe de populistische lessen van Mussolini doorwerken in de Europese en Amerikaanse politiek. De populist Mussolini begreep als weinig anderen de mechanismen van politieke verleiding en politieke agitatie. Volgens Scurati moeten Europeanen het gevecht voor de democratie opnieuw voeren. De toekomst is aan ons, zegt hij, maar dat vereist wel onze geschiedenis te kennen. Bestuderen we die niet dan zullen we steeds minder in staat zijn de tekenen van fascisme en populisme te herkennen en er krachtig en adequaat op te reageren.  

Kaleidoscope of (His)tories: Art from Ukraine / ed. by Sanne van de Kraats; contr. by Marion Ackermann, Tatiana Kochubinska, Hilke Wagner [et al.]. - Zwolle: Waanders, 2023. - 136 p.: ill.; 29 cm. - (Eng. / also available in Dutch) 
Includes biographies, notes 
ISBN: 9789462625389 
This publication, accompanying the similar named exhibition at Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Dresden (GE)  and Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle (NE) (14 Oct. 2023 to 28 Jan.2024),  shows a spectrum of Ukraine's art history, with a selection of works ranging from paintings, drawings, video, installation, performance, sculpture, sound, photography and textiles by  modern and contemporary Ukrainian artists. Taking four themes as its starting point, this book reveals the strong interconnectedness of Ukraine's turbulent history, the country's permanent social and political unrest and the work of Ukrainian artists. Against Oppression, Forgotten Histories, Spaces of Freedom and Thoughts on the Future each reflect the dynamic between the drive for freedom and the mechanisms of oppression. The museums' aim with this exhibition was to contribute to protecting Ukraine's artistic heritage and supporting contemporary Ukrainian creators, many of whom have had to flee their country. 
Artists: Maria Kulikovska, Pavlo Makov, Open Group (Yuriy Biley, Pavlo Kovach, Anton Varga), Boris Mikhailov, ...[et al.] 

The Future of the Dutch Colonial Past: Curating Heritage, Art and Activism / ed. by Emma van Bijnen, Pepijn Brandon, Wayne ModestMargriet Schavemaker [et al.]. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2021. - 312 p.: ill.; 24,5 cm  
Includes notes, biography 
ISBN: 9789463727983 
Institutions across the globe are increasingly questioned on how their foundations are rooted in colonialism and how they aim to ‘decolonize'.?The Future of the Dutch Colonial Past?provides an overview of critical scholarly reflections on the history of Dutch slavery and colonization, as well as how this translates into critical cultural practices. It also explores possible futures: What can heritage institutions learn from (international) best practices regarding the ‘decolonization' of museums? And what role can contemporary artistic practices take in these processes? Through a variety of essays, interventions, interviews, and a roundtable conversation, scholars and cultural practitioners address these complex questions. 

Becoming Human: Matter and Meaning in an Antiblack World/ by Zakiyyah Iman Jackson. - New York: New York University, 2020. - 320 p.; ill.; 23 cm
Includes notes
ISBN: 9781479830374
Rewriting the pernicious, enduring relationship between Blackness and animality in the history of Western science and philosophy, Becoming Human: Matter and Meaning in an Antiblack World breaks open the rancorous debate between Black critical theory and posthumanism. Through the cultural terrain of literature by Toni Morrison, Nalo Hopkinson, Audre Lorde, and Octavia Butler, the art of Wangechi Mutu and Ezrom Legae, and the oratory of Frederick Douglass, Zakiyyah Iman Jackson both critiques and displaces the racial logic that has dominated scientific thought since the Enlightenment. In so doing, Becoming Human demonstrates that the history of racialized gender and maternity, specifically anti-Blackness, is indispensable to future thought on matter, materiality, animality, and posthumanism. 

The Maniac / by Benjamin Labatut - London: Pushkin, 2023. - 357 p.; 23,5 cm  
ISBN: 9781805330677 
A dizzying, kaleidoscopic novel about the destructive chaos that lurks in the history of computers and AI via the fictional biography of  the enigma Johnny von Neuman. As a young man he stunned those around him with his monomaniacal pursuit of the unshakable foundations of mathematics. As he designed inscrutable computer systems, helping to develop the atomic bomb, his work increasingly moved into areas beyond human understanding and control. In The MANIAC, Benjamín Labatut interweaves fact with fiction in a mind-boggling story about the mad dreams of reason. The story goes back to the early twentieth century conflict over contradictions in physics and to advances in forms of artificial intelligence that surpass humans.  

Role of Play: New Games, New Chances. A Future Perspective on Play in Society / by Ben Schouten, Menno Deen; with contr. by Ed van Hinte, Mees Drissen, Joost Raessens, Troy Innocent, Kummargi Yulendj, Bambi Boland, Beatriz Ibeas, Genèviéve Korte, Ondrej Kocholaty, Chris Gruijters & Gijs Houdijk, Martijn Kors; design Studio Renate Boere. - Amsterdam: Jap Sam, 2023. - 296 p. :ill.; 23 cm 
Includes bibliography 
Role of Play investigates what new rules of play are to come, several decades after the advent of videogames. Do we need more or no rules at all, or do other rules apply? Who determines which rules we play by? Play is always under construction. With 400+ illustrations, the authors sketch a wide variety of examples from analogue play to video games, from digital treasure hunts to flying a plane, from waging galactic wars with aliens to designing your home, from battling cancer to behavior change, from puzzle games to urban planning. The  book addresses the latest trends in serious games and playification, for purposes other than pure entertainment. In their free-play form, these playful interactions increasingly contain reflections on social issues such as climate change or inclusiveness. 

Stitch Your Brain / by Monika Auch; with contr. by R. Zwijnenberg, Marieke Hendriksen, Charlotte Steels, Mané van Veldhuizen; design by Studio Joost Grootens. - Amsterdam: Jap Sam, 2023. - 256 p.: ill.; 24 cm 
Includes notes 
ISBN: 978-94-92852-77-9 
Stitch Your Brain is a long-term study into the intelligence of the hand by artist and former medical doctor Monika Auch. The book reflects the results of the empirical study Auch worked on for the past decade about the importance of creating with your hands in our digital age and the effects of slow creation on neuro cognitive learning, health, and well-being. The detailed images of a collection of 100+ stitched brains created by participants and their personal comments illustrate the influence of medical image making on body-identity and brain awareness. The creations are in fact a tactile, textile multitude of intimate self-portraits. At the same time, they are a dynamic documentation of changing visions and concerns on global issues throughout the past 10 years. 

Public Art for Public Life: Learnings from Observatorium / by Geert van de Camp, Andre Dekker, Lieven Poutsma, Ruud Reutelingsperger, Sandra Smets [et al.]. - Rotterdam: nai010, 2022. - 288 p.: ill.; 24 cm
ISBN: 978-94-6208-668-5
An observatory is a place for the observation of the universe. The artists of Observatorium, however, cast their gaze upon the inhabited world. All over the planet, they have created works of art that are not only to look at, but also to enter, observe and reflect from. Over the past 25 years, Observatorium produced an internationally significant body of work, from the sculpture Zandwacht (Sand Watch) in the Port of Rotterdam to Dwelling in Seclusion, a work of art devoted to solitude in New York.  Public Art for Public Life is a summary publication in which the members of Observatorium are searching for the results, significance and lessons of their body of work on the interface between architecture, sculpture and landscape. Key issues are the creative process, temporality, integration in changing (urban) landscapes, public participation and imagination. Bovenkant formulier 

Philip Akkerman: Kunstenaarsdagboek / door Philip Akkerman; design Studio Maud van Rossum. -  Rottterdam: nai010, 2020. - 208 pag.: ill.; 21 cm 
ISBN: 978-94-6208-609-8 
Philip Akkerman (1957) houdt sinds zijn academietijd?een dagboek bij. Dit dagboek beschrijft zijn worsteling met het bestaansmysterie, zijn worsteling met de kunst en de kunstwereld, zijn worsteling met de schildertechniek en zijn worsteling met zichzelf. Het is de vraag of hij?zonder dit dagboek ooit met het schilderen van zelfportretten begonnen zou zijn en, indien hij?er al mee begonnen zou zijn, hoe lang hij?dit dan volgehouden zou hebben. Philip Akkerman. Kunstenaarsdagboek neemt je mee in de?chaotische stortvloed van tegenstrijdige gedachten in het hoofd van Akkerman. Langzaam maar zeker komt de 'echte' Philip Akkerman bovendrijven. Naast teksten over filosofie en schildertechniek?krijgt de lezer ook een inkijkje in de kunstwereld waarbij niets en niemand gespaard wordt. 

Research For People Who (Think They) Would Rather Create 1 / by Dirk Vis. - Eindhoven: Onomatopee, 2021. - 135 p.; ill.; 20 cm. - (Onomatopee 201.1) 
Includes bibliography, resource guide, general guidelines & criteria 
ISBN: 978-94-93148-43-7 
What is artistic research? What is a research document? How do these relate to the making process, invention, and creativity? What exactly is expected of me? Research For People Who (Think They) Would Rather Create?addresses all relevant aspects that need to be considered during a research and documentation process, such as: finding the right topic and approach; formulating your research question; working out your methods; choosing one or more suitable writing styles; and considering the possible roles of visual, virtual, auditory, embodied, and spatial materials. 

Between the standing and the inclined: Structures Supporting Change / ed. by Lisa Marie Sneijder; guest editors: Maja Bekan and Angela Serino; with Manuela Zammit and Alina Lupu, Patricia Healy McMeans, ... [et al.]. - Amsterdam: VU Faculteit der Letteren, 2023. - 88 p. : ills.; 23 cm. - (Kunstlicht, Journal for Visual Art, Visual Culture and Architecture, Volume 44, 2023, no.4) 
Includes notes 
ISBN: -  
In this issue, the magazine examines the infrastructure and professional practice of artists. Using ‘support' to speak of all that sustains and shapes an art practice, they ask: What allows someone to stand as an artist and art professional today? What opportunities exist for collective action and self-empowerment?