Bibliotheek: nieuwe aanwinsten - november-december 2014

Manifeste! : Eine andere Geschichte der Fotografie / Konzeption Florian Ebner, Duncan Forbes, Daniela Janser, Kathrin Schönegg. - Göttingen : Steidl, 2014. - 422 p. : ills. ; 29 cm
Manifeste! ist die erste Ausstellung überhaupt, in der die historischen Beziehungen zwischen der Fotografie und dem Manifest untersucht werden. Sie zeigt was geschieht, wenn Fotografinnen und Fotografen sich schriftlich im Namen ihres Mediums engagieren. Die Ausstellung vereint 56 Stellungnahmen aus der gesamten Geschichte der Fotografie, von 1840 bis heute. Das Buch versteht sich als diskursiver Streifzug durch die Geschichte der Fotografie. Nicht die Bilder stehen hier im Vordergrund, sondern die programmatischen Texte, in denen die Künstler für ihre Auffassung des Mediums streiten.

Black is a Matter of Taste : Works and opinions of Theo van Dusseldorp / edited by Anne Geene, Arjen de Nooy, David de Jong, Sander Uitdehaag, Vincent van Baar. - Den Haag ; Amsterdam : Salvo, 2014. - 60 p. : ills. ; 32 cm. - (Periodical for Photography No. 4)
The past 35 years Theo van Dusseldorp has been both a product photographer and a teacher. Well over 1000 students followed his lessons at the KABK (Royal Academy of Art, The Hague). It is therefore fair to say that he is partly responsible for the technical quality of photography made in The Netherlands.
Between 1978 and 2001 Van Dusseldorp took over 25.000 Polaroids that he made as studies for his product photos.


Angela Ferreira : Revolutionary Traces / edited by Angela Ferreira and Francien van Westrenen. - Den Haag : Stroom Den Haag, 2014. - 48 p. : ills. ; 23 cm
Catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition Ângela Ferreira 'Revolutionary Traces' at Stroom Den Haag (7 December 2014 - 15 March 2015). Two new sculptures by the Portuguese/South African artist Ângela Ferreira link the work of architect Álvaro Siza Viera in the Schilderswijk (The Hague '85-'93) with Bairro de Bouça (Porto, '73-‘77). Both housing projects were realized under revolutionary circumstances. Revolutionary Traces focuses on this extraordinary period in the history of social housing and asks questions about the role of culture in urban renewal, the involvement of visionary administrators and the call of the government for participation by the inhabitants.

Angela Ferreira : Political Cameras - Mount Mabu / text by Filipa Oliveira. - Edinburgh : Stills Ltd, 2013. - 48 p. : ills. ; 23 cm
For her first solo exhibition in a public gallery in the UK, Ângela Ferreira presents her renowned project Political Cameras (For Mozambique series) alongside a new commission which will reference the legacy of David Livingstone's life and work, and the relationship between Africa and Europe from colonial days to the present.

Céline Condorelli : The Company She Keeps / Céline Condorelli in conversation with Nick Aikens, Avery F. Gordon, Johan Frederik Hartle, Polly Staple. - London : Eindhoven : Book Works : Chisenhale Gallery : Van Abbemuseum, 2014. - 118 p. : ills. ; 22 cm
‘Perhaps one of my favorite definitions of cultural production is of "making things public": the process of connecting things, establishing relationships, which in many ways means befriending issues, people, contexts. Friendship in this sense is both a set-up for working and a dimension of production. The line of thought that threads through the following pages is thus that of friendship as a form of solidarity: friends in action.'
978 1 906012 64 9

Erik van Lieshout : Rotterdam Zuid/South - Home / concept Erik van Lieshout ; contributors Erika Balsom, Antoinette Laan, Ivo van Woerden. - Rotterdam : Witte de With Publishers, 2014. - 264 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
Since 2007, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art has produced a series of books focused on Rotterdam, each showcasing the vision of artists, mainly working with photographic or video medium, with a strong relationship to the city. In this fifth volume, Erik van Lieshout shifts its focus to a particular area: Rotterdam South. The book is inspired by a bike tour for which he was invited to select locations that have been relevant or meaningful in the production of his work. With this framework in mind, the publication opens with a mapping of the city where each location refers to the site of one (or more) of the artist's films.

The School of Public Life / by Fred Dewey. - Los Angeles ; Berlin : Errant Bodies Press, 2014. - 284 p. ; 18 cm. - (DOORMATS 4)
Built out of two decades of interventions in politics and culture, The School of Public Life records the author's efforts to revive and rethink public space from Los Angeles, Lowndes County, Alabama and Cork, Ireland to current day Berlin and beyond. Drawing on manifestoes, lectures, letters, soap box incantations, and experimental texts, delivered in different situations and moments, the book chronicles one person's efforts to focus on and secure what is attacked and simulated from every direction: the power of the people. From work in the neighborhood councils movement and directing a space for culture in Los Angeles, to examining the people's need for poetic description and the relationship of time to existential politics, the book seeks to re-examine community life, art, history, and principles of self-government against the abyss of economics, parties, and constructed powerlessness.
The book explores the works of thinker Hannah Arendt, the poet Charles Olson, dancer and poet Simone Forti and lessons to be drawn from the New England town meeting, artist Joseph Beuys' Office for Direct Democracy, the Lowndes County Freedom Organization in Alabama, experiments at Black Mountain College and Beyond Baroque, and Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott. Through these, The School of Public Life pursues a live reframing of responsibility and engagement in this world and no other.


If Bees are Few... / by Doris Denekamp & Jimini Hignett, with a story by Simon Ings. - Rotterdam : in eigen beheer, 2014. - 96 p. : ills. ; 15 x 21 cm. - nederlands/English
If Bees are Few..., is part of the long term exhibition The Non-Urban Garden - gardens of the 21st century by Kunstvereniging Diepenheim.
If Bees are Few... - this quote of the American poet Emily Dickinson forms the starting point of the publication. What will happen if bees are few? The first part of the book consists of a series of images which reflects on the ancient relationship between man and bee, but the bee itself has disappeared from this archive. The core of the book is a story written by the British science and fiction writer Simon Ings, inspired by the collected images.

Aan de rand van de wereld : Hoe de Noordzee ons vormde / door Michael Pye. - Antwerpen : De Bezige Bij, 2014. - 432 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
Bevat Noten en Register.
In Aan de rand van de wereld beschrijft Michael Pye hoe volkeren rond de Noordzee de eerste grote stappen zetten richting ons hedendaagse monetaire systeem, een rechtvaardige justitie, de moderne wetenschap en een opener visie op liefde en seks. Door overzees contact konden deze ideeën zich verspreiden en kreeg de Noord-Europese identiteit definitief vorm.

Solution 262 : Lavapolis / by Michael Schindhelm. - Berlin : Sternberg Press, 2014. - 192 p. ; 18 cm. - (Solution series edited by Ingo Niermann)
Includes biography.
The tenth speculation in the Solution series imagines a possible European present and future. Seventy years ago, the small island nation of Lavapolis was founded. It began as an alternative, a gambling destination to rival Las Vegas, and became a model for a new way of living. With its principle of universal solidarity, the nation counters the pitfalls of contemporary global society. It is an ever-shifting utopia; a volcano jutting out of the Mediterranean Sea; an extension of the open frontier. The biographies of its inhabitants are integral to the whole. If the world backs down from the challenges of Lavapolis, the island is destined to erupt.

Imagine Architecture : Artistic Visions of the Urban Realm / edited by Lukas Feireiss and Robert Klanten ; texts by Lukas Feireiss. - Berlin : Die Gestalten Verlag, 2014. - 240 p. : ills. ; 30 cm
Includes index.
Visual culture influences architecture —and vice versa. Imagine Architecture compiles contemporary perspectives on this exchange from those working in creative fields. It compiles experimental projects and perspectives from the fields of illustration, painting, collage, sculpture, photography, installation, and design. In the process, these visionary concepts are playfully expanding the definition of architecture. Their creativity has the potential to breathe new life into public spaces and promote the evolution of our cities.

Walker Evans : The Magazine Work / by David Campany. - Göttingen : Steidl, 2014. - 224 p. : ills. ; 33 cm
Includes bibliography.
Walker Evans produced a body of photographs that continue to shape our understanding of the modern era. He worked in every genre and format, in black and white and in colour, but two passions were constant: literature and the printed page. While his photographic books are among the most significant in the medium's history, Evans's more ephemeral pages remain largely unknown. In small avant-garde publications and mainstream titles such as Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Architectural Forum, Life and Fortune he produced innovative and independent journalism, often setting his own assignments, editing, writing and designing his pages. Presenting many of his photo-essays in their entirety, Walker Evans: The Magazine Work assembles the unwritten history of this work, allowing us to see how he protected his autonomy, earned a living and found audiences far beyond the museum and gallery.

Cycle Space : Architecture & Urban Disign in the Age of the Bicycle / by Steven Fleming. - Rotterdam : nai010 publishers, 2012. - 176 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
Includes bibliography.
Cycle space is where architecture and urban design can begin to optimise conditions for cycling, and take inspiration from the aesthetics and ethics of cycling as well. It is where cities can begin reducing emissions, commute times, ill-health and sprawl. In Cycle Space, architecture professor and cycling nut Steven Fleming argues that understanding why people are choosing bikes is key for discovering the full potential of the bicycle as a transformative force in the design of our cities
With portraits of major cities and their cycling cultures, Cycle Space is the first book to view the city through the lens of the bicycle, and offer a new ways of designing better cities.


Michèle Matyn : Boterknieën & Bilpannen = Butterknees & Thigh Tiles 2009-2014 / auteurs Saskia de Coster, Inge Henneman, Maaike Lauwaert, Sara Weyns. - Antwerpen : Provincie Antwerpen, 2014. - 88 p. : ills. ; 31 cm
Het artistieke onderzoek van Michèle Matyn (°1978) wordt gedreven door haar interesse in traditionele volksverhalen, antropologische mythes en sagen, maar ook door populaire stripverhalen en films waar een of andere vorm van animisme in voorkomt. De gedachten die uit dit soort verhalen spreken, sporen haar aan om haar atelierbereik zowel fysiek als mentaal te verruimen met reizen

The Surreal House / edited by Jane Alison ; with essays by Mary Ann Caws, Brian Dillon, Krzysztof Fijalkowski and Dalibor Vesely. - London ; New Haven : Barbican Art Gallery : Yale University Press, 2010. - 348 p. : ills. ; 28 cm
Includes bibliography.
A manifesto for a poetic reading of the house, The Surreal House reflects on the unquestionable importance of the dwelling, the cradle of our being, in the imaginative realm.
By blending art, photography, film, and architecture, The Surreal House presents the individual dwelling as a place of mystery and wonder. Fusing house and dream, it probes the relationship between interior and shell, object and space, and it elaborates "the marvelous" and "compulsive beauty" as espoused by André Breton.


Maarten Sleeuwits : Objects and Recordings / editor Silke Opitz. - Ostfildern : Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2014. - 88 p. : ills. ; 23 cm
Working in a digital age, Maarten Sleeuwits is concerned with reawakening the viewer's sense of touch. Through art objects made of lead, clay, or bamboo, he allows the viewer to physically grasp the specific qualities of the material. The artist took a long roll of white paper, and starting from the exhibition space, he rolled it out across side­walks and streets, subsequently spooling it back up; its meandering surface picked up the dust and dirt of the city. Such traces of contact, either with an urban space or people participating in the project, form the essential core of each of Sleeuwits's works.

Open Museum Open City / edited by Hou Hanru ; with contributions by Justin Bennett, Ryoji Ikeda, Iannis Xenakis [ al.]. - Milan : Mousse Publishing, 2014. - 352 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
Sound has been playing a key and special role in the exploration of reality. For Open Museum Open City the museum MAXXI in Rome is completely emptied out, laid bare, so that it can be filled with sound in order to create an open museum, a condensed sample of an open city. The project offers a challenging opportunity to rethink the relationship between artistic production, architectural intervention and participation of the public. It reflects the complex context of the city of Rome, as a contemporary "foro" for urban transformation and social-cultural experiments.

Experimental Aesthetics / edited by Henk Slager ; contributions by Boris Groys, Chus Martinez, Timotheus Vermeulen [ al.]. - Utrecht : Metropolis M Books, 2014. - 48 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
Today, both the practice and understanding of artistic research are encompassed by increasingly rigidifying forms of academization. This asks for a thorough conceptual reassessment of that originally artistic field. Indeed, many questions have been lurking in the wings for some time now. Does the present conceptual impact of artistic research still cover its original and radical drive? Is artistic research still related to processes of experimental thinking and creating? Or does a pervasive institutionalization urge to reset the ever-narrowing framework of artistic research?
The present publication intends to explore topical potentialities of an alternative and more strategic manner of dealing with artistic practices. Therefore, the texts deliberately refer again to the concept of aesthetics.


Kwadraat-Bladen : A series of graphic experiments 1955-1974 / essay Dingenus van de Vrie ; foreword Wim Crouwel. - London : Unit Editions, 2012. - 144 p. : ills. ; 23 cm. - (Unit 06)
Kwadraat-Bladen was the brainchild of graphic designer Pieter Brattinga (1931-2004). He set out to prove that his family's printing firm was the best in the Netherlands by publishing a journal that would surprise its readers with its radical content, unusual format, and state-of-the-art production techniques. Brattinga was a visionary: he was amongst the first to encourage designers to enter the print works and to collaborate with printers.

Visie op de stad : Alvaro Siza in de Schilderswijk, Den Haag / auteur Dorien Boasson ; met bijdragen van Adri Duivesteijn, Alvaro Siza, Jacques Poot [ al.]. - Den Haag: Projektorganisatie Stadsvernieuwing, 1988. - 60 p. : ills. ; 23 cm
In 1988 werd het door Alvaro Siza ontworpen woningcomplex "Punt en Komma" in de Haagse Schilderswijk opgeleverd. Ter gelegenheid van het gereedkomen van dit project heeft de gemeen-. te Den Haag (Project Organisatie Stadsvernieuwing) een boek over het experimentele plan- en ontwerpproces waarmee het woningbouwplan is voorbereid werd gemaakt onder de titel "Visie op de stad - Alvaro Siza in de Schilderswijk, Den Haag". Het is geschreven door Dorien Boasson, redactrice van het blad Archis. Het boek bevat een beeldende documentatie van het ontwerpproces, zowel stedenbouwkundig als architectonisch, foto''s, tekeningen en schetsen van Siza.

Bleek van Begeerte : Winkelarchitectuur in Den Haag / redactie Dick Valentijn ; auteur Botine Koopmans. - Den Haag ; Amsterdam : Gemeente Den Haag : Stokerkade Cultuurhistorische Uitgeverij, 2014. - 240 p. : ills. ; 30 cm. - (VOM-reeks 2014, nummer 1)
Bevat Noten, register en bronnen.
In Bleek van Begeerte wordt de geschiedenis van het winkelen beschreven aan de hand van de tastbare overblijfselen in de stad. Zo krijgt u een goed inzicht in de ontwikkeling van het winkelconcept en de hierdoor ontstane diversiteit in winkelarchitectuur.

Carel de Nerée tot Babberich en Henri van Booven : Den Haag in het fin de siècle / auteur Sander Bink ; voorwoord Caroline de Westenholz. - Zwolle : WBooks, 2014. - 64 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
Bevat bibliografische gegevens.
Carel de Nerée tot Babberich woonde rond 1900 in Den Haag, waar de art nouveau meer in zwang was dan in welke Nederlandse stad ook. Zijn beste vriend was de schrijver Henri van Booven, de eerste biograaf van Louis Couperus. Dit boek belicht deze bijzondere vriendschap uit het Haagse fin de siècle. Van Booven stimuleert De Nerée bij het scheppen van zijn fijnzinnige oeuvre, waaronder een reeks tekeningen geïnspireerd door Louis Couperus' roman Extaze, die behoort tot de hoogtepunten van de Nederlandse kunst uit die tijd. De Nerée stimuleert zijn vriend op zijn beurt tot het schrijven van diens bestseller Tropenwee uit 1904.
978 94 625 8064 0

Sporen van Smaragd : Indisch erfgoed in Den Haag, 1853-1945 / auteurs Andréa A. Kroon, Audrey Wagtberg Hansen. - Den Haag : Gemeente Den Haag : Uitgeverij De Nieuwe Haagsche, 2013. - 368 p. : ills. ; 30 cm. - (VOM-reeks 2013-2)
Bevat Noten en literatuurbronnen.
Den Haag is al eeuwen een middelpunt van internationaal verkeer. In de stadsgeschiedenis neemt de band met voormalig Nederlands-Indië een belangrijke plaats in. De commerciële en culturele uitwisseling met de ‘Gordel van Smaragd' heeft sporen achtergelaten in het stadsbeeld die nu als ‘typisch Haags' worden beschouwd. Omdat deze Indische kenmerken bij verbouwing, sloop en stadsvernieuwing verloren kunnen gaan, startte de afdeling Monumentenzorg en Welstand van de Gemeente Den Haag het project Sporen van Smaragd. Zo werd gebouwd Nederlands-Indisch erfgoed in de Hofstad uit de periode 1853-1945 in kaart gebracht. Deze publicatie biedt een kennismaking met het onderwerp en geeft een overzicht van tientallen bijzondere Haagse bouwwerken met een Indisch verleden.

Zeeheldenkwartier : Haagse wijk met vele gezichten / redactie Erik Pardon. - Den Haag : Stichting Bewonersorganisatie Zeeheldenkwartier 'De Groene Eland', 2014. - 308 p. : ills. ; 22 cm
Ongeveer anderhalve eeuw geleden werd een nieuwe stadswijk aan Den Haag toegevoegd: het Zeeheldenkwartier. Op initiatief van bewonersorganisatie De Groene Eland is een groep enthousiaste bewoners aan de slag gegaan om zoveel mogelijk facetten van de rijke geschiedenis van de wijk te boekstaven.