Bibliotheek: nieuwe aanwinsten - maart-april 2015

Concrete Comedy : An Alternative History of Twentieth-Century Comedy / by David Robbins. - Copenhagen : Pork Salad Press, 2011. - 352 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references.
Traditionally, histories of comedy have concerned the verbal, narrative, illusionistic comedy presented on stage or screen, or in broadcast media. During the twentieth century, however, there emerged in Europe and America another, alternative form of comedy, a comedy of doing rather than saying, a nonfiction comedy which yielded prop-like conceptual objects and gestures of public theater. Termed "concrete comedy" by David Robbins, its origins date from around 1915, with the work of Karl Valentin, a German comedian of stage and screen who also made comic objects, and Marcel Duchamp, who used the art context as a site for comedy. The materialist comedy of which they were early representatives eventually comprised not only objects and gestures but, as well, anti-illusionist manifestations of comic persona within performance media such as film and television.
Concrete Comedy offers at once an alternative to conventional comedic practice and an alternative reading of recurrent art-making strategies.


Making Noise : From Babel to the Big Bang & Beyond / by Hillel Schwartz. - New York : Zone Books, 2011. - 912 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Drawing upon such diverse sources as the archives of antinoise activists and radio advertisers, catalogs of fireworks and dental drills, letters and daybooks of physicists and physicians, military manuals and training films, travel diaries and civil defense pamphlets, as well as museum collections of bells, ear trumpets, megaphones, sirens, stethoscopes, and street organs, Schwartz traces the process by which noise today has become as powerfully metaphorical as the original Babel. At every stage, readers of this book can hear the cultural reverberations of the historical soundwork of actresses, admen, anthropologists, astronomers, builders, composers, dentists, economists, engineers, filmmakers, firemen, grammar school teachers, jailers, nurses, oceanographers, pastors, philosophers, poets, psychologists, and the writers of children's books.

Politics of Enchantment : Romanticism, Media, and Cultural Studies / by J. David Black. - Waterloo, Ontario : Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2002. - 200 p. ; 23 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Too often we bring the values of the Enlightenment, particularly that of reason, to critique phenomena not inherently rational, such as pop culture or the Internet. This means that much criticism of current culture already has an intellectual foundation antagonistic to it — inviting postmodern arguments that suggest history has ended and reality is an illusion.
In contrast, Romanticism, a cultural movement founded in Germany and England during the late eighteenth century, offers us an archive of concepts surprisingly sensitive to these problems. The Romantics were poets, dreamers, and politicians who advanced ideas that anticipated much contemporary thinking. David Black has organized these ideas systematically, and has then applied them to key issues in communications, such as representation, audience, and the information society, as well as to significant debates in cultural studies.


The Culture of Control : Crime and Social Order in Contemporary Society / by David GarlandOxford : Oxford University Press, 2001, reprinted 2011. - 308 p. ; 23 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Garland explains how the new policies of crime and punishment, welfare and security—and the changing class, race, and gender relations that underpin them—are linked to the fundamental problems of governing contemporary societies, as states, corporations, and private citizens grapple with a volatile economy and a culture that combines expanded personal freedom with relaxed social controls. It is the risky, unfixed character of modern life that underlies our accelerating concern with control and crime control in particular. It is not just crime that has changed; society has changed as well, and this transformation has reshaped criminological thought, public policy, and the cultural meaning of crime and criminals.

Beeldstatistiek Peter Alma / door Wim Jansen. - Amsterdam : Uitgeverij De Buitenkant, 2014. - 88 p. + 68 losse beeldstatistieken ; 30 cm
Bevat literatuurlijst en noten.
Peter Alma heeft in de jaren '30 gewerkt in het "Gesellschaft und Wirtschafts Museum" van Otto Neurath in Wenen en in de dependances daarvan in Moskou en Charkov. Na terugkeer in Nederland startte hij zijn eigen bureau "Beeldstatistiek Peter Alma". Hij vervaardigde beeldstatistieken voor onder meer de gemeente Amsterdam, voor Schiphol, de AVRO en de Ned. Bond voor Personeel in Overheidsdienst. De auteur heeft getracht alle door Alma vervaardigde beeldstatistieken te achterhalen en brengt ze bij elkaar in deze publicatie. De 68 losse platen met Alma's beeldstatistieken vormen in de geest van Otto Neurath een "draagbaar museum".

KP Brehmer. Real Capital-Production / edited by Doreen Mende ; with texts by Jürgen Becker, René Block, KP Brehmer, Mark Fisher, Doreen Mende and Kerstin Stakemeier. - London : Raven Row, 2015. - 40 p. : ills. ; 31 cm
Includes bibliographical references and biography.
KP Brehmer (1938-97) found new ways to visualize global capitalism which are of increasing relevance today. From West Berlin, Brehmer confronted the visual regimes of the Cold War, interpreting the city's double life of socialism and capitalism. Using common information systems as templates - figures and charts from educational books and magazines, maps of racism and fascism and graphics from sociological studies - he linked data-management to the operations of capitalism, and anticipated much of the effects of its globalization familiar today.

Journey to the Surface of the Earth : Mark Boyle's Atlas and Manual / texts by Mark Boyle ; introduction by Hans Locher. - Cologne ; London ; Reykjavik : edition hansjorg mayer, 1970. - unpaged : ills. ; 23 cm
A practical guide to a journey on which Mark Boyle and his colleagues in the Sensual Laboratory, Joan Hills, Des Bonner and Cameron Hills will make multi sensual presentations of 1000 sites selected at random from the surface of the earth.
Published as part of an exhibition at the Haags Gemeentemuseum 16 May - 12 July, 1970.

Nora Schultz Portikus Printing Plant and Portikus Sounds / concept Nora Schultz ; editor Sophie von Olfers. - Berlin Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite, 2014. - 112 p. : ills. ; 25 cm
Nora Schultz's work explores questions of the emergence of pictures and production as an artistic dynamic. She is more interested in the genesis of images and objects and its material traces than in the completed work. That is why the manufacturing process plays a central part in her prints, printing machines, installations, and performances and always remains recognizable as such. The book figures as a sort of retelling in which manhole cover stamp, die-stamping drum, paper, plastic, and aluminium sheet, camping mat, microphone sculpture, dictaphone, sound funnel, and print worm blithely continue their cycles of production.

Sung Hwan Kim : Talk or Sing / texts by Catherine Wood, Sung Hwan Kim, Stephen Greenblatt, dogr, Binna Choi, Gregg Smith. - Seoul : Samuso, 2014. - 172 p. : ills. ; 20 cm
Talk or Sing, with the artist's drawings and texts by five writers, accompanies the exhibition Life of Always a Mirror by Sung Hwan Kim. The exhibition introduces Kim's art as a systematic integration of video, drawing, installation, architecture, and performance into a single exhibition space. The title of the exhibition is a play on words in Korean on a Korean elementary school textbook's title, Joyful Life. This method of education merges music, art, and physical education into a single subject as a didactic gesture in public education that teaches the youth not only knowledge but also the way they should lead a joyful life.

Annette Kelm : Subjects and Objects / interview interview Isabelle Graw ; texts by Tom McDonough, Reid Shier, Moritz Wesseler. - Köln : Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2015. - 128 p. : ills. ; 29 cm
This book marks the occasion of two solo exhibitions of the artist, the first at Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver (8 September - 14  October 2012), and the second at Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne (7 November - 21 December 2014). The photographs Annette Kelm has produced over the past fifteen years constitute, in all the diversity of their forms, one of the most fascinating, resonant contributions to recent contemporary art. Emerging during an era of photography's rapid and ongoing reinvention as both artistic object and digital image, Kelm has situated herself as a picture maker of unapologetic clarity.

Action to Surface : Rethinking surface production in terms of performance / Thesis by Tereza Rullerová ; supervisor Marjan Brandsma. - The Hague : Royal Academy of Art, Graphic Design Department, 2014. - 196 p. : ills. ; 30 cm
Due to my previous artistic experience I understand using the body and an action as a method of design. Despite the fact that the terms action and surface exist in seemingly disconnected worlds, I see the possibility to establish a connection and elaborate more on a multidisciplinary link between - and coexistence of - performativity and graphic design.
The following thesis introduces the research question: How does performativity influence the surface? Encouraged to answer this question, I examine the field of performance art, graphic design craftsmanship and vernacular action. As a result I demonstrate several examples of performative acts in contemporary graphic design related visual culture and how it determines the production of its surface.

What, you don't know Grapus?
/ concept, text, graphic design Léo Favier. - Leipzig : Spector Books, 2014. - 224 p. : ills. ; 19 cm
Grapus is a French graphic design collective founded in Paris immediately following the student protests of May 1968. The group saw life as a field for experimentation, putting the new political, social, and cultural debates into graphic form for public discussion.
Léo Favier set out in search of the former members of the collective. The twenty-six interviews in his book tell of the utopian working methods and heated disputes that were at the heart of this collective way of life.


Reprint Karel Martens / contributors Karel Martens, Richard Hollis, Robin Kinross, David Bennewith, Jungmyung Lee, Roger Willems. - Amsterdam : Roma Publications, 2015. - 84 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
This book is published on the occasion of an exhibition of work by Karel Martens at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. Besides offering a closer look at his recent free work, it also covers his approach to the teaching of graphic design. Comprising a selection of both past work and more recent applied work, it also includes new essays by David Bennewith, who examines Martens' approach to teaching through its history and accounts from students, and Robin Kinross, who offers a meditation on Martens' mono-prints, which demonstrate a consistent line of inquiry through his 54 years in graphic design. Martens was the recipient of the Gerrit Noordzij Prize in 2012.

Lina Bo Bardi / author Zeuler Rocha Mello de Almeida Lima ; foreword Barry Bergdoll. - New Haven ; London : Yale University Press, 2013. - 240 p. : ills. ; 26 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
The book Lina Bo Bardi is the first comprehensive study of Bo Bardi's career and showcases author Zeuler Lima's extensive archival work in Italy and Brazil. Lima frames the architect's activities on two continents and in five cities. The book examines her practice evolving within the social and cultural realities of her adopted country, Brazil. While she continued to work with industrial materials like concrete and glass, she added popular building materials and naturalistic forms to her design palette, striving to create large, multiuse spaces that welcomed public considerations of ethics, politics, and social inclusiveness.

Group Affinity : Summer School and Exhibition / edited by Binna Choi, Saim Demircan and Bart van der Heide. - Berlin : Bom Dia Books, 2014. - 176 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
GROUP AFFINITY reflects on an experimental summer school that took place in 2011 at Kunstverein München organized in collaboration with Casco. Five independent collective bodies or groups—Andreas Müller & Susanne Pietsch, Chicago Boys, Cinenova, Grand Openings, and Slavs and Tatars—headed up faculties and turned their respective self-organized practices and research and working processes into curricula for the participants.

The Shape of Evidence : Contemporary Art and the Document / by Sophie Berribi. - Amsterdam : Valiz, 2014. - 256 p. : ills. ; 24 cm. - (Vis-à-vis no.1)
Includes bibliographical references and index.
This book examines the role of visual documents in contemporary art, looking at artworks which value these not only as sources of information, but also as distinctive visual and critical forms. As such, they offer a way to develop critical reflection around issues of representation, knowledge production, art and its history: the role of the museum and archive, the role of documents and our trust in them, the circulation of such images and the historical genealogies that can be drawn in relation to images.

Discipline : Overleven in overvloed / door Marli Huijer. - Amsterdam : Uitgeverij Boom, 2013. - 274 p. : ills. ; 22 cm
Bevat literatuurlijst.
In Discipline gaat Marli Huijer in op de moeizame verhouding tussen vrijheid en discipline. Waar komt de weerzin tegen discipline vandaan? Wat betekent het om zonder discipline in een overvloed aan materie, relaties, seks en keuzen te leven? Kunnen we discipline niet uitbesteden? In dit boek laat Huijer zien dat we discipline niet alleen moeten opvatten als gehoorzaamheid, maar ook als instrument om te bereiken wat we waardevol vinden.

'Sterven is doodeenvoudig. Iedereen kan het.' : Wim Brands in gesprek met René Gude / door Wim Brands. - Leusden : ISVW Uitgevers, 2014. - 64 p. ; 18 cm
De Denker des Vaderlands, René Gude, is stervende. Voor Human sprak Wim Brands met hem over wat er werkelijk toe doet in het leven, over humeurmanagement en over de troost van de filosofie. Juist nu de dood voor de deur staat, blijken filosofische vaardigheden handig om de gemoedsrust te bewaren.

Den Haag 40-45 / door Maarten van Doorn. - Zwolle : WBooks, 2015. - 128 p. : ills. ; 32 cm
Aan de hand van zo'n 130, vaak nog niet eerder gepubliceerde foto's vertelt dit boek een beeldverhaal van Den Haag in de Tweede Wereldoorlog. De Residentie kreeg het in de oorlog zwaar te verduren. Bominslagen, op huizenblokken neergestorte V1's en V2's, het bombardement van het Bezuidenhout en het Korte Voorhout, de afbraak van honderden gebouwen en de bouw van talloze bunkers en antitankversperringen voor de aanleg van de Atlantikwall maakten de stad op vele plekken bijna onherkenbaar.
De Hagenaars zelf leden niet minder onder de oorlogsomstandigheden, zoals door de gedwongen evacuatie van zo'n 125.000 inwoners uit het kustgebied en het wegvoeren van meer dan 10.000 joden naar de Poolse vernietigingskampen. De Hongerwinter sloeg ongenadig toe en maakte talloze slachtoffers. De langverwachte bevrijding vormt het slotakkoord van dit indrukwekkende fotoboek over de vijf oorlogsjaren in de Hofstad.

978 94 625 8070 1

Rob Voerman : Fifth Season
/ texts by Marcel Schumacher, Wolgang Schäfer, Janine Blöss. - Berlin : Revolver, 52 p. : ills. ; 23 cm
Commissioned for the WELTKUNSTZIMMER in Düsseldorf, "Fifth Season" is an installation work by Dutch graphic artist, sculptor and installation artist Rob Voerman. Architecture, instability and deconstruction are central themes of his oeuvre, which blends different typologies in a compounded representation of the technological achievements of the machine age.

Hans Ulrich Obrist Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Curating * : (*But Were Afraid to Ask) /  Hans Ulrich Obrist interviewd by Markus Miessen, Ingo Niermann, Nav Haq [ al] ; foreword Tino Sehgal ; afterword Yona Friedman . - Berlin : Sternberg Press, 2011. - 208 p. ; 20 cm
Everything you ever wanted to know about Hans Ulrich Obrist but were afraid to ask has been asked by the sixteen practitioners in this book. Spanning the beginning of his "career" as a young curator in his Zurich kitchen to his time most recently as the Co-Director of Exhibitions and Programs, and Director of International Projects at the Serpentine Gallery in London, the book is a "production of reality conversations."

Onderzoek & Ontwikkeling : Bijzondere projecten, residencies, publicaties en onderzoek door Rotterdamse kunstenaars 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 / teksten Sandra Smets, Sacha Bronwasser, Ingrid Commandeur [ al.]. - Rotterdam : CBK Rotterdam, 2015. - 176 p. : ils. ; 23 cm
De regeling Onderzoek & Ontwikkeling (O&O) wordt sinds 2010 uitgevoerd door het Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam. De regeling geeft Rotterdamse beeldend kunstenaars de mogelijkheid hun beroepspraktijk middels onderzoek te ontwikkelen en te verdiepen. Het Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam doet in deze publicatie verslag van de resultaten van de eerste vier jaar O&O. De O&O regeling ondersteunt bijzondere projecten, residencies, publicaties en onderzoek en werd in weerwil van de toenmalige maatschappelijke ontwikkelingen ten aan zien van de kunst, veroverd door beeldend kunstenaars. Inmiddels heeft ze tot tal van bijzondere projecten geleid.
978 90 822992 0 5

All Rise : De grote ambities van het Internationaal Strafhof en de weerbarstige werkelijkheid / door Tjitske Lingsma. - Utrecht : Ipso Facto, 2014. - 224 p. : ills. ; 23 cm
Het Internationaal Strafhof behoort tot de kroonjuwelen van Den Haag, stad van vrede en recht. In ‘All Rise!' beschrijft journalist Tjitske Lingsma het dagelijkse functioneren van dit instituut, dat sinds 2002 daders van internationale misdrijven vervolgt. Ze schetst de ontstaansgeschiedenis, strubbelingen met Nederland als gastland en het leven van Afrikaanse krijgsheren achter de tralies in Scheveningen.