Bibliotheek: nieuwe aanwinsten - mei 2016

The Playground Project / edited by Gabriela Burkhalter ; with contributions by Daniel Baumann, Vincent Romagny, Sreejata Roy, Xavier de la Salle. - Zürich : JRP | Ringier, 2016. - 258 p. : ills. ; 27 cm
Includes bibliography.
The first comprehensive overview of this kind, The Playground Project addresses laymen as well as experts who want to do more on the playground than just seesaw and swing. Until sometime in the 1980s, playgrounds were places for social experiments, risky projects and spectacular sculptures. Architects, urban planners, artists, parents and children were invited to leave their comfort zones and to venture something new in the design and use of playgrounds. The Playground Project explores these exemplary initiatives, pioneering acts and adventures in designing modern childhood. Examples from Europe, the US, Japan and India are discussed in depth and illustrated with numerous images
Includes works by artists, architects and landscape architects such as Aldo van Eyck, Group Ludic (Xavier de la Salle, Simon Koszel, David Roditi), Palle Nielsen, Isamu Noguchi.

Palle Nielsen : The Model : A Model for a Quantitative Society
(1968) / concept Lars Bang Larsen, with the collaboration of Palle Nielsen. - Barcelona : MACBA, 2010. - 168 p. : ills. ; 19,5 cm
In 1968, the young activist Palle Nielsen approached the Moderna Museet in Stockholm with a proposal for turning the museum into an adventure playground. For a month, his ‘Model for a Qualitative Society' offered a space exclusively for children, without parents or educators. In his essay, Lars Bang Larsen analyses the utopia of a self-organized society that aimed to encourage personal freedom and collaboration between individuals. The documentation of this work forms part of the MACBA Collection. Responsible for the project was Bartomeu Mari

Adjusted Margin : Xerography, Art, and Activism in the Late Twentieth Century / author Kate Eichhorn. - Cambridge, Mass. ; London : The MIT Press, 2016. - 202 p. : ills. ; 22 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Kate Eichhorn describes early efforts to use xerography to create art and she examines New York's downtown art and punk scenes of the 1970s to 1990s, arguing that xerography—including photocopied posters, mail art, and zines—changed what cities looked like and how we experienced them. Xerographic copy machines are now defunct. Office copiers are digital, and activists rely on social media more than photocopied posters. And yet, Eichhorn argues, even though we now live in a post-xerographic era, the grassroots aesthetics and political legacy of xerography persists.

Texts : Quarterly Graphic Design Magazine : Graphic 2007 - 2011 (No. 1 - 20) / edited by Kim Kwangchul, Kwon Sungyeon. - Seoul : Propaganda Press, 2013. - 1118 p. : ills. ; 29 cm
This book is a compilation of writings from 20 issues of GRAPHIC released over a five-year period between 2007 and 2011. Since the text in GRAPHIC mainly consists of interviews with graphic designers, most of the words collected in its pages come directly from the mouths of the designers themselves. If there is one common thread running through all the issues, it is the effort to highlight the graphic design process and mind-set by focusing on the independent approaches of its practitioners. Our main interest has been in the ways contemporary graphic design has been branching out, with each issue dedicated to figuring out how to record these changes. What sources do we look to for the energy that drives new currents in graphic design? In our case, we identified them in terms of two major themes in graphic design: "independence" and "expansion." These are the links that join the different topics found in each issue.

Urban Agriculture Europe / editors Frank Lohrberg, Lilli Licka, Lionella Scazzosi, Axel Timpe. - Berlin : jovis Verlag, 2016. - 232 p. : ills. ; 28 cm
Includes bibliography
Urban Agriculture Europe is the first comprehensive, transdisciplinary publication about urban agriculture in Europe. Apart from well-known examples of urban food gardens in Western European metropolises, this volume also studies innovative forms of agriculture on the urban periphery, bringing in experiences in Eastern and Southern Europe. The contributions approach urban agriculture from the point of view of social science, the economy, agricultural ecology, and spatial planning and address the role of citizens, involved parties, and politics, as well as operational models and planning tools.

Lines : A Brief History / author Tim Ingold. - London ; New York : Routledge Classics, 2016. - first published in 2007. - 190 p. : ills. ; 21 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
What do walking, weaving, observing, storytelling, singing, drawing and writing have in common? The answer is that they all proceed along lines. Tim Ingold imagines a world in which everyone and everything consists of interwoven or interconnected lines and lays the foundations for a completely new discipline: the anthropological archaeology of the line.
Setting out from a puzzle about the relation between speech and song, Ingold considers how two kinds of line - threads and traces - can turn into one another as surfaces form or dissolve. He reveals how our perception of lines has changed over time, with modernity converting to point-to-point connectors before becoming straight, only to be ruptured and fragmented by the postmodern world.

Being Alive : Essays on Movement, Knowledge and Description / author Tim Ingold. - London ; New York : Routledge, 2011. - 270 p. : ills. ; 25 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Being Alive ranges over such themes as the vitality of materials, what it means to make things, the perception and formation of the ground, the mingling of earth and sky in the weather-world, the experiences of light, sound and feeling, the role of storytelling in the integration of knowledge, and the potential of drawing to unite observation and description.
Our humanity, Ingold argues, does not come ready-made but is continually fashioned in our movements along ways of life. Starting from the idea of life as a process of wayfaring, Ingold presents a radically new understanding of movement, knowledge and description as dimensions not just of being in the world, but of being alive to what is going on there.

Helen Verhoeven : Hoge Raad - Een op Een / concept and design Alon Levin ; authors Maria Barnas, Jasper Gerretsen ; photography Johannes Schwartz. - Den Haag ; Berlin : Alon Levin / Helen Verhoeven, 2016. - 352 p. : ills. ; 34 cm
Helen Verhoeven's works often explore the theme of ceremonial gatherings. The focus of this book is her monumental painting, 'Hoge Raad' ('Supreme Court'), which hangs in that same institution in The Hague. According to the essay by Maria Barnas, "Rarely have I seen anything so theatrical, so time-transcending and majestic, and at the same time so everyday." Tension pervades the work, with the positioning of various figures lending it a theatrical aspect. This book contains a 1:1 reproduction of the painting: each page shows a surface segment, set in the sequence of a mapped grid. Also included is an index of the painting's historical references.

Transactions of The Duddo Field Club / by William Cobbing. - Middlesbrough : mima - Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, 2014. - 120 p. : ills. ; 21 cm
Includes biographies.
Transactions of The Duddo Field Club documents recent sculpture, video and performances by William Cobbing, that were exhibited at Hatton Gallery in Newcastle, and mima in Middlesbrough. The book documents a series of monolithic-looking sculptures, formed through pressing rocks into heavily grogged clay, with a random selection of books then slotted into their surfaces: monuments to inaccessible knowledge and trivia. It includes new texts by Beth Collar, Jonathan P. Watts, Louicse Chignac, and a seiries of six booksmarks by Arnaud Desjardin.

The Art of Memory / author Frances A. Yates. - London : The Bodley Head, 2014; first published in 1966. - 448 p. : ills. ; 23 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
The ancient Greeks, to whom a trained memory was of vital importance—as it was to everyone before the invention of printing—created an elaborate memory system, based on a technique of impressing "places" and "images" on the mind. Inherited and recorded by the Romans, this art of memory passed into the European tradition, to be revived, in occult form, at the Renaissance, and particularly by the strange and remarkable genius, Giordano Bruno. Such is the main theme of Frances Yates's unique and distinctive book, in the course of which she sheds light on such diverse subjects as Dante's Divine Comedy, the form of the Shakespearian theater, and the history of ancient architecture. Aside from its intrinsic fascination, this book is an invaluable contribution to aesthetics and psychology, and to the history of philosophy, of science, and of literature.

An Edge Effect : Art & Ecology in the Nordic Landscape / edited by Bonnie Fortune ; contributions by Sue Spade, Nils Norman, Wapke Feenstra [ al.]. - Chicago : Half Letter Press, 2014. - 314 p. : ills. ; 21 cm
An Edge Effect: Art & Ecology in the Nordic Landscape is a collection of interviews, case studies, and essays. These artists and writers are above all responding to the rapid changes that are occurring in our anthropogenic era. To build a resilient planet, one that is biodiverse and can withstand trauma, requires a broad mix of approaches and expanded relationships.
Nils Norman: 'The edge effect is this idea that the more edge you create, the more biodiversity you create, where a meadow meets a forest or a piece of water meets a meadow. Two different ecologies meet. Two different kinds of landscapes meet ... that is where you find the most biodiversity at that edge.'

Display / initiated by Matylda Krzykowski In collaboration with Matylda Krzykowski, Kaja Kusztra, Timo Demollin, Christophe Clarijs ; texts by Josh Bitelli, Carl Haase, Vera Sacchetti [ al.]. - Basel ; Maastricht : Depot Basel : Jan van Eyck Academie, 2015. - 143 p. : ills. ; 20 cm
Initiated by Jan van Eyck Academie-participant Matylda Krzykowski, Display is a book that examines the notion of showing. It does so through contributed texts and images, presenting a wide variety of takes on the subject.

The New Curator : Researcher; Commissioner; Keeper; Interpreter; Producer; Collaborator / writing and editing Coline Millard, Rafal Niemojewski, Ben Borthwick, Jonathan Watkins, and Natasha Hoare. - London : Laurence King Publishing, 2016. - 240 p. : ills. ; 28 cm
Includes index.
The introduction sketches in the development of curatorial practices since the 1980s. The shows under scrutiny in the following 25 case studies have all taken place in the last few years. The selected exhibitions - chosen by an expert panel of curators - run the global gamut, from Europe and the US through Africa and the Middle East to China, and illustrate the particular challenges for curators working in both the commercial and public sectors.

Process : The incomplete present of a suicide / concept Anno Dijkstra, Luk Pelgrims, Christian Verschelden ; texts by Dirk Armée. Luk Pelgrims, Alice Smits. - Duffel : Psychiatrisch Ziekenhuis Duffel, 2015. - 64 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
Het Psychiatrisch Ziekenhuis Duffel stelde aan Anno Dijkstra de vraag een voorstel voor een nieuw werk te ontwikkelen. Hij besloot een portret te maken van een zelfdoder. Het ziekenhuis bracht hem in contact  met een familie bij wie vijftien jaar eerder een man zichzelf om het leven had gebracht. Na een eerste bezoek aan de broer van de man kreeg de kunstenaar een foto mee die als voorbeeld diende voor het boetseren van een buste uit klei. Dit portret nam hij mee naar de interviews die volgden met familieleden en vrienden van de overleden man. Zij verhaalden over zijn leven en mijmerden over het portret dat van hem gemaakt was.

Land & Animal & Nonanimal / edited by Anna-Sophie Springer and Etienne Turpin, in association with Kirsten Einfeldt and Daniela Wolf. - Berlin : K. Verlag ; Haus der Kulturen der Welt, 2015. - 150 p. : ills. ; 21 cm. - (Intercalations: paginated exhibition series nr. 2)
Land & Animal & Nonanimal turns the attention from the built space to the postnatural landscapes of planet Earth. In his interview about urban soils of the Anthropocene, landscape architect Seth Denizen considers a history of land use practices that is also reflected in artist Robert Zhao Renhui's photographs of Singapore as a scenario of continuous development. Inspired by a recent visit to the environment of Wendover in the Utah desert, Richard Pell and Lauren Allen of Pittsburgh's Center for Post Natural History make a case for a postnatural imprint upon the geologic aspects inherent in the concept of the Anthropocene. By encountering "the last snail," environmental historicist and philosopher Thom van Dooren considers the meaning of hope and care in the context of species extinction. Curator Natasha Ginwala's paginated series turns to cosmological and ancestral human-animal scenarios.

Compact en Harmonisch : Sociale woningbouw in Den Haag 1850-2015 / auteurs Richard Kleinegris in samenwerking met Fred van der Burg en Just de Leeuwe. - Amsterdam : Stokerkade cultuurhistorische uitgeverij, voor de gemeente Den Haag, afd. Monumentenzorg en Welstand, en Stichting Publicaties Haags Erfgoed, 2016. - 256 p. : ills. ; 30 cm
Bevat literatuur en registers.
De auteurs beschrijven de sociale woningbouw in Den Haag, van de arbeiderswoningen c.q. sociale woningbouw in het kader van de Woningwet: van een moeizaam begin rond 1850, via diverse bloeiperiodes in en na de wereldoorlogen en de stadsvernieuwing tot de recente VINEX-periode. In die laatste uitbreidingen speelde sociale woningbouw een ondergeschikte rol. In veel van de oude wijken zoals Spoorwijk, Duindorp, Transvaal en Zuidwest zijn de oude sociale complexen gesloopt om op de vrijvallende plekken vaak duurder te bouwen om succesvolle buurtgenoten een kans te geven om te blijven.

A Man, A Village, A Museum : Li Mu : Quizhuang Project / editors Gu Ling, Li Mu ; foreword Charles Esche. - Eindhoven : Onomatopee, 2015. - 288 p. : ills. ; 19 cm. - (Onomatopee 123)
The project started in 2010, after the Van Abbemuseum had worked with Li Mu in Shanghai for the World Expo. Soon after, the artist proposed organising an exhibition in his home village of Qiuzhuang, using works from the museum's collection. After quickly rejecting the idea of shipping the physical objects to China, Li Mu set about reproducing the artworks of Sol LeWitt, Dan Flavin, Andy Warhol, John Körmeling, Ulay and Marina Ambramovic (amongst others). He worked together with the villagers for more than a year, painstakingly reconstructing works and placing them in the houses and streets of the village. The resulting film and book document life in the village, the production of the artworks, the reactions of residents, interested visitors and the process by which artworks and people influence each other.

Digital Art : Revised and expanded edition
/ by Christiane Paul. - London : Thames and Hudson, 2008 ; first published in 2003. - 256 p. : ills. ; 21 cm. - (World of Art series)
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Christiane Paul surveys digital art from its appearance in the 1980s to the present day, and looks ahead to what the future may hold. The book explores themes raised by digital art, such as viewer interaction, artificial life and artificial intelligence, social activism, networks and telepresence, as well as curatorial issues such as the collection, presentation and preservation of digital art.

No Internet, No Art : A Lunch Bytes Anthology / edited by Melanie Bühler ; with contributions by Kenneth Goldschmidt, Christiane Paul, Peter Weibel [ al.]. - Eindhoven : Onomatopee, 2015. - 416 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references, index and biographies.
This anthology forms both the culmination and a continuation of a series of public events titled Lunch Bytes - Thinking about Art and Digital Culture, held in Washington, D.C., which invited artists and experts from different fields to discuss their work in relation to this overarching theme. By opening up the often narrowly-defined discursive field of "post-internet," artistic practices are examined thematically within the larger context of digital culture. As such, this anthology offers valuable new contributions to the fields of art history, media studies, philosophy, curatorial studies, and design.

You Are Here - Art After the Internet / edited by Omar Kholeif ; with contributions by James Bridle, Constant Dullaart, Jon Rafman, Model Court [ al.]. - Manchester ; London : Cornerhouse : Space, 2015. - 256 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
You Are Here: Art After the Internet is the first major publication to critically explore both the effects and affects that the Internet has had on contemporary artistic practices.  Responding to an era that has increasingly chosen to dub itself as ‘post-internet', this collective text traces a potted narrative exploring the relationship of the Internet to art practices from the early millennium to the present day. The book raises urgent questions about how we negotiate the formal, aesthetic and conceptual relationship of art and its effects after the ubiquitous rise of the Internet.

A Sustainist Lexicon : Seven entries to recast the future - rethinking design and heritage / by Michiel Schwarz ; with field notes by Riemer Knoop & sustainist symbols by Joost Elffers. - Amsterdam : Architectura & Natura Press, 2016. - 156 p. : ills. ; 18 cm
Words are our first tools for making sense of the world. This publication presents seven words for a changing time. This concise lexicon explores the changing cultural landscape through seven entries: Placemaking, Connectedness, Local, Commons, Circularity, Proportionality, Co-Design. In doing so it marks inroads into a sustainist culture that is more connected, locally-rooted, collaborative, respectful of the human scale, and altogether more environmentally and socially sustainable.

Anna Staritsky : works on paper / text by Albert Lemmens, Serge Stommels, and Georges Meurant. - Eindhoven : Van Abbemuseum, 2016. - 80 p. : ills. ; 28 cm
This book shows the graphic work of Anna Staritsky, an idiosyncratic artist with innovative ideas about the shape and structure of the artist's book. She helped to shape the French book art of the sixties and seventies of the last century.