Call for studio visit by Isabelle Sully on 7 and 8 May 2024 

On Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 May 2024, artist, curator, writer, editor and artistic director of A Tale of A Tub Isabelle Sully will visit the studios of The Hague artists. Isabelle describes her areas of interest as follows: 

"I am particularly interested in language-based practices, intersectional and feminist histories, conceptual approaches to institutional and administrative realities, and work that uses subversion and/or (re)distribution as a key artistic techniques." 
If you are interested in a studio visit by Isabelle Sully you can sign up until Wednesday 17 April 2024 23:59 CET via the following link:
Please include a brief motivation. All entries will be sent to the curator and she will make her personal selection of artists to visit. Shortly after the deadline you will receive notice if you have been selected for a studio visit.    

Isabelle Sully is an artist, writer, editor and curator. Originally from Melbourne/Naarm, she now lives in Rotterdam where she is the founding editor of Unbidden Tongues, co-curator of Playbill and artistic director of A Tale of A Tub, Rotterdam. Isabelle Sully practices across art-making, curating, editing and writing. Working with feminist histories in mind, she takes the mechanisms and materiality of administration as a main focus within her work, developing conceptual projects that span experimental writing, sculpture, performance, exhibition-making and publishing. Her involvement with the administrative sphere of institutional practice played out in her previous role as assistant director-curator (2020-2024) at Kunstverein, Amsterdam, and does currently in her role as artistic director (2024-) at A Tale of A Tub, Rotterdam.  

About the studio visiting program  
Stroom regularly invites curators, artists and critics from The Netherlands and abroad to visit the studios of artists from The Hague who are registered at Stroom. These studio visits offer an opportunity for artists to present their work and receive constructive feedback on their practice. The program also aims is to strengthen and broaden the artists' network.