Positions: Soft Intimacies 

group exhibition

Location: Stroom, Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
When: 1 March - 7 July 2024
Open: Wednesday - Sunday, 12:00-17:00 hrs (also open during Hoogtij on Friday 24 May)
Featuring artists: Eugenie Boon, Yaïr Callender, Haevan Lee, Farah Rahman, Amber Toorop.

Positions: Soft Intimacies is a group exhibition by five artists from The Hague who work at the intersection of spirituality, ecology, cultural heritage, and oral history. 

Eugenie Boon, Yaïr Callender, Haevan Lee, Farah Rahman, and Amber Toorop invite visitors to explore the ambiguity of personal and collective ways of remembering. Their artistic practice is shaped by poetic reflections drawn from their personal experiences and backgrounds.  

In their work, the artists explore avenues for creating poetic stillness and, as a result, scope for reflection and vulnerability. They share intimate stories that are sometimes at the foreground in our collective consciousness, sometimes fading as fleeting shadows and sometimes deliberately tucked away. The works, which are playful, deepening, experimental yet vulnerable, offer different perspectives and invite speculation on other forms of coexistence. How can some childhood memories, anchored in feelings of uninhibitedness and joy, inspire us to remain hopeful? How do we deal with memories and stories that also generate feelings of shame and discomfort? How do we create room for this complexity and properly care for this knowledge, which has been passed down from generation to generation? 

The artists participating in Positions: Soft Intimacies continue to raise questions with their work and explore collective forms of remembering. This process also requires them to embrace complexity, friction, sadness, and joy. Positions: Soft Intimacies makes these layered experiences tangible and invites the audience to reflect and wonder. 

Audio files
Stroom offers a spoken version of the texts accompanying the  exhibition: >> listen here

Positions Program
Positions offers a platform for talent from The Hague. With this program line, Stroom presents new and existing work by visual artists from The Hague, showing the great diversity of their practice. Besides exhibitions, the program includes artistic research, experimental presentations, lectures, performances and other activities. 

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The exhibition is made possible with the support of the City of The Hague.

photo: Studio Uittenbogaart
photo: Studio Uittenbogaart
Performance during opening
photo: Studio Uittenbogaart
photo: Studio Uittenbogaart
Artists and curator at opening of the exhibition
photo: Studio Uittenbogaart
Design: Mary Ponomareva