Conspatulation – performance by David Bernstein

Wednesday 29 January 2020, 18:30 hrs
(doors open: 18:00 hrs)
Location: Stroom, Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Admission: free
Free food will be served, both vegetarian and vegan
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Language spoken: English

Since October last year, works of different artists have been appearing bi-weekly in the reception area and the former Ondertussen space of Stroom, slowly growing into a presentation. The contributors up to now are: George Rippon, Anna Zacharoff, Joost Krijnen, Viktor Hachmang, Jelena Vanoverbeek, Bernice Nauta, Eliane Bots and Jeannette Slütter.

For this project Kim David Bots invited artists to present small, sometimes almost invisible, gestures or works that were used in the process of making other work.

This project is part of a series initiated by Stroom aiming to stretch the parameters of the former Ondertussen presentations, focusing more on collaboration, dialogue and experiment.

On Wednesday 29 January a temporary work will appear in the form of the performance Conspatulation by David Bernstein.

Conspatulation is about spatulating together.

Conspatulation while you ingest tacos and quesadillas.

So come flip, extend, and allow cheesy tortilla matter to filter through you.

'Conspatulation', David Bernstein, 2019 (exhibition at 76,4 Brussels, BE)
photo: Juan Pablo Plazas
'Conspatulation' event at Stroom
photo: courtesy Stroom Den Haag
'Conspatulation' event at Stroom
photo: courtesy Stroom Den Haag
'Conspatulation' event at Stroom
photo: courtesy Stroom Den Haag