Ondertussen: Pulsar Project

1 September - 26 October 2014
Location: Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Open: Monday-Friday: 11-17 hrs; Saturday-Sunday: 12-17 hrs
Closed: Sat. 20 September and Sun. 21 September 2014

Pulsar Project is a collaboration between visual artist Pim Piët and composer Anna Mikhailova. The title refers to the phenomenon of rotating neutron stars. Like cosmic beacons these stars emit beams of electromagnetic radiation, with a frequency that is more stable than that of the best atomic clock on earth. In the eyes of Piët and Mikhailova this project is about energy, rhythm, structure and layeredness in a variety of forms. They see Pulsar Project as an inner rhythm that controls many of the world's processes, from our heartbeat to the movements of the earth itself.

Inside Pulsar Project the different disciplines, working methods and backgrounds of Pim Piët and Anna Mikhailova come together. They are active in the fields of painting and spatial art, contemporary music, video and performance respectively. The possibilities of connection and change stimulate continuous development.

The first presentation of the project took place in 2011 in studio space De Spanjaardshof in The Hague. In 2012 they showed a new version in the Ketelfactory in Schiedam. They used their Stroom PRO Deo subsidy to have conversations with Michel van Dartel (V_2, Rotterdam), William Engelen (visual artist, Berlin) and Mariette Dölle (TENT, Rotterdam). These specialists functioned as a sounding board for the various questions brought up by Pulsar Project.

The presentation in the Ondertussen space will show the development of the project up to now, by means of music scores, sketchbooks, objects, a wall painting and other elements, some of them new and shown here for the very first time. Especially for the occasion Mariette Dölle wrote a text on the project, and Wim Hermsen of the SRON (Netherlands Institute for Space Research) rewrote his introductory text on the phenomenon of the Pulsar. Visitors can read both text in the exhibition space.

In 2012 Pim Piët and Anna Mikhailova received a PRO Deo grant for Pulsar Project (this subsidy was first introduced in 2012 and is aimed at reflection, in-depth exploration and dialogue, for the purpose of developing the recipient's artistic practice.

The publication ‘Pulsar', made in concurrence with the exhibition in the Ketelfactory in 2012, is available at the reception desk.

Blikvangen, 4 oktober 2014


Gaudeamus Muziekweek
Anna Mikhailova 'Zangzucht'
Thursday 11 September 2014 (at 21:15 hrs)
Location: Geertekerk, Utrecht
More info: www.muziekweek.nl

Hoogtij: Test Extra
Performance Anna Mikhailova 'Masked Project'
Friday 26 September 2014, (19.00 hrs)
Location: Het Nutshuis, The Hague
More info: www.nutshuis.nl

The former reception area of Stroom has been converted into a small exhibition space. On a regular basis there are presentations of artists who have received a subsidy in the categories Stroom PRO- and SPOT-grants. The informal exhibitions and presentations are intended to illustrate the diversity of the Stroom grant system. The program in the space is called Ondertussen (the Dutch word for 'meanwhile').

Archive Ondertussen presentations

      01 Sep '14 - 26 Oct '14
      Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
      Entrance: free
Ondertussen: Pulsar Project
photo: Stroom Den Haag
Ondertussen: Pulsar Project
photo: Stroom Den Haag
Pim Piët, 'Pulsar Project', 2012
photo: courtesy the artist
Pim Piët, 'Pulsar Project', 2012
photo: courtesy the artist