Ondertussen: Maarten Boekweit

24 June - 24 August 2014
Location: Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Open: Monday-Friday: 11-17 hrs; Saturday-Sunday: 12-17 hrs

In his work The Hague artist Maarten Boekweit reacts to the things and people around him - the complexity of daily life, muddled moments of social interaction. The questions that arise create a certain tension and a great longing for simplicity, and are reflected in his art projects. His work has a light and open-minded tone, in contrast with the serious and heavy subjects he tackles.

In 2013 Maarten Boekweit received a PRO Invest grant for the further development of his work and in order to create more visibility. Part of his proposal was a work period at SPARE in Chicago (USA). This artist-in-residency space offers artists the opportunity to make a publication in a very short period of time, using a Risograph printer. After that Maarten Boekweit stayed in the USA for two more months in order to initiate a number of art projects without a preconceived plan. He decided to go with the flow and went along with the things that came his way. In the weeks after his SPARE residency Boekweit ended up in Lawndale and Englewood, two of the most criminal and dangerous neighborhoods of Chicago. Maarten Boekweit wanted to find out of it was possible to create a positive moment in these neighborhoods. He came up with the idea to work with members of the community in the creation of a dance inspired by the movements of a garbage collector  (also reflecting Boekweit's own experiences as a garbage man in The Netherlands).

In the Ondertussen space Maarten Boekweit shows videos, drawings, sketches, publications and other material he made during his stay in Chicago and in other places in the USA. Also included is video material he made during a residency in the Arteles Creative Center in Haukijärvi (Finland), prior to his trip to America.


Villa Next Door, 1 August 2014

The former reception area of Stroom has been converted into a small exhibition space. On a regular basis there are presentations of artists who have received a subsidy in the categories Stroom PRO- and SPOT-grants. The informal exhibitions and presentations are intended to illustrate the diversity of the Stroom grant system. The program in the space is called Ondertussen (the Dutch word for 'meanwhile').

Archive Ondertussen presentations

Maarten Boekweit, 'The Trashcan', video still
photo: courtesy the artist
Maarten Boekweit, 'The Trashcan', 2013
photo: courtesy the artist
Ondertussen: Maarten Boekweit, 2014
photo: © Maarten Boekweit