Ondertussen: Scratch Battle

27 August thru 23 October 2011
Location: Hogewal 1-9, The Hague

Between 22 January and 27 February 2011 the GBK (Society of Visual Artists) in Gelderland invited the Independent Drawing Initiative (IDI) from The Hague to curate a group exhibition in the ABN-AMRO building on the Willemsplein in Arnhem (NL). This resulted in the project 'Scratch Battle'.
Erik-Jan Ligtvoet, the founder of IDI, selected six GBK artists and five artists from The Hague to use the bottom windows of the former bank building as the surface for new drawings. Each participant had one window at his or her disposal.
The participating artists were:
Wenda Kieskamp, Rinke Nijburg, Heidi Linck, Sibylle Eimermacher, Daniel van der Veer
and Gerard Koek representing GBK en Stefanie Scholte, Manon Bovenkerk, Marjolijn van der Meij, Ilse Versluijs and Erik-Jan Ligtvoet representing IDI.

More info:

This project was made possible by a Stroom SPOT exhibition subsidy.

The former reception area of Stroom has been converted into a small exhibition space. On a regular basis there are presentations of artists who have received a subsidy in the categories Stroom PRO- and SPOT-grants. The informal exhibitions and presentations are intended to illustrate the diversity of the Stroom grant system. The program in the space is called Ondertussen (Meanwhile).

Archive Ondertussen presentations

Ondertussen presentation at Stroom Den Haag
photo: Rob Kollaard
Ondertussen presentation at Stroom Den Haag
photo: Rob Kollaard
'Scratch Battle': Sibylle Eimermacher (l) and Wenda Kieskamp (r)
'Scratch Battle'
'Scratch Battle': Ilse Versluijs
'Scratch Battle': Wenda Kieskamp (detail)
'Scratch Battle': Rinke Nijburg
'Scratch Battle': Rinke Nijburg (detail)
'Scratch Battle': Gerard Koek
'Scratch Battle'
'Scratch Battle'