iii workspace W. Dreespark 312 (1 membership), Den Haag

iii offers 1 BASIC membership.
iii is located next to Moerwijk train station, within a new cultural incubator founded by a partnership of three artist initiatives. iii members are either artists with a full time professional practice and working at an international level, or recent graduates from an art academy or music conservatory that have distinguished themselves during their studies and who are determined to pursue an artistic career. The iii workspace is managed collectively by members, following a culture of sharing and of facilitating others. Members are required to make a commitment to the space of minimum one year and to contribute time to the management of the space, in addition to a monthly membership payment.

1 BASIC membership at:
BASIC rate, € 100,- per month
For starters or lower frequency users who also work in other places or which have a tighter budget, this gives access to all the shared spaces but no personal workstation.

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For enquiries contact: matteo@instrumentinventors.org

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About the workspace and memberships: instrumentinventors.org/workspace/about/

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Are you interested in a studio? Please contact Remco Osório Lobato at Stroom Den Haag :

iii workspace Willem Dreespark 312
iii workspace Willem Dreespark 312
iii workspace Willem Dreespark 312
iii workspace Willem Dreespark 312