Zefir7: Light as Performance

Rave Rebels Live Recording during Solomun from rene van dijk on Vimeo.

Deze avond is uitgesteld, wegens de coronavirus crisis


Zefir7 is het maandelijks ontwerperscafé bij Stroom Den Haag i.s.m. BNO. Deze keer een avond rond Light as Performance met twee kunstenaars die licht en projecties gebruiken als hun medium, Nikki Hock en Rene van Dijk.

Nikki Hock
Nikki Hock is a multidisciplinary artist who sculpts the spaces and environments around us to create experiential landscapes. Nikki does not merely focus on representation, but rather engages with the present moment to create abstractions of memories and lived experiences. His work moves between reality and the metaphysical, in search of other worlds and new dimensions.

Rene van Dijk
Rene van Dijk is a visual performance artist from the Netherlands. His current visual art practice explores his personal questioning of reality. New forms of technology and the ways we relate to them have created a contemporary reality in which the boundaries between waking and dream states have blurred. Rene's art invites us to immerse ourselves in his visions of a world beyond boundaries and binaries.

Zefir7: Light as Performance
Nikki Hock, 'Saevio', 2018
foto: courtesy the artist
Rene van Dijk, 'Rave Rebels', 2019
foto: courtesy the artist