Zefir7: Maggie Saunders & Yamuna Forzani

Dinsdag 18 april 2023, 20.00 uur
(deuren open 19:30 uur)
Locatie: Stroom, Hogewal 1-9, Den Haag
Toegang: gratis (BNO leden krijgen een gratis drankje)
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Zefir7 is het maandelijks ontwerperscaf√© i.s.m. BNO. Deze keer Maggie Saunders & Yamuna Forzani, over hun inspirerende praktijken en betrokkenheid bij de queer cultuur.

Maggie Saunders is a social designer based in Eindhoven known for the project Striptopia. Maggie's mission is to bring the mainstream into contact with stigmatized and marginalized subcultures. To be inclusive is to transcend tribalism.
@striptopia (Instagram)

Yamuna Forzani is an artist, designer and LGBTQIA+ activist. During her studies at the KABK in The Hague (2012-2016) she started developing colorful fabrics with challenging prints and graffiti-inspired tags in the TextielLab. The outfits she creates with these fabrics serve as a form of personal expression and are inspired by the ballroom scene (LGBTQIA+ subculture in which performance, music and fashion come together), of which Forzani herself is a part. Her visual language plays with the body and sexuality, the psychedelic aesthetics of the 1960s, the current visual culture of social media and kitsch.
@yamunaforzani (Instagram)

Campagnebeeld: Eurowitch

Zefir7: Maggie Saunders & Yamuna Forzani
foto: Eurowitch