Zefir7: Lu Lin en Helena Roig

Dinsdag 17 October 2023, 20.00 uur
(deuren openen om 19:30 uur)
Locatie: Stroom, Hogewal 1-9, Den Haag
Toegang: gratis (BNO leden krijgen een gratis drankje)
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Zefir7 is het maandelijks ontwerperscafĂ© i.s.m. BNO. Deze keer zijn er twee lezingen en vertellen de ontwerpers Lu Lin en Helena Roig over hun inspirerende praktijken.

Lu Lin is a self-publisher and socially engaged artist born in China, currently living and working in Arnhem. As a self-publisher in the field, she utilizes artistic approaches to deconstruct the complexity of safe spaces and explore their socio-political and cultural factors in relation to marginalization, drawing on intersectionality, feminism, and queerness. Through the involvement of social practices, her works are motivated by the alienation experienced in this era of fluidity, showcasing how different aspects of everyday life contribute to identity formation and discrimination. 
Lu is part of Not Just a Collective and initiator of the projects, Reading My Panties and Homesick Restaurant.

Helena Roig is a visual artist with a photo documentary background. Her working process is always driven by collaboration and community-building processes, and often pointing out the perverse relationship between medium and power. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, they have been exploring the political aspects of digital intimacy. Understanding consent as the common denominator, they use the camera to reverse and deconstruct ideas such as the patriarchal gaze, and to look for practices of collective self-defense.         

ontwerp: CĂ©line Hurka